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Recent Crafts and Lessons

Posted by on 25 November 2011

I’m going to share a couple of my lessons, or the crafts that I did for my lessons in hopes that it might give you ideas to do with your own kids or class.

A couple weeks ago, we did a lesson on the Bible.  We discussed how it’s the written word of God, how many books it contains, the stories in it, that it contains the laws we’re to live by, and a couple other things.  Since they’re so young, we stick to very basic stuff.  For our craft, we did a stained glass window of a Bible with a cross.  To do this, we used a coloring book page from here.  There are a couple ways that you can use this image (These are just thumbnail size, so you’ll have to go to the site to download the coloring page.)…..

This is the version that we did by cutting out the gray areas.

This is an alternate version by cutting out the gray area.

To make this craft, cut out one of the 2 versions above.  Have the child color the picture in the areas that you are not going to cut out to make stained glass.  Cut large pieces of tissue paper in about 4 different colors.  Then help the child put glue just along the edge that was cut out on the back side of the image.  They can then lay the tissue paper over the opening.  Be sure that they overlap colors for other color effects and don’t leave any gaps between the pieces of tissue paper.  Let dry.  Once it’s dry, either laminate it or use clear contact paper to seal it.  Then, cut out the stained glass picture around the outside edge, punch a hole in the top and loop a string through.  It’s then ready to hang in any window!!

Our most recent lesson was Thanksgiving…..or giving thanks.  This year, I didn’t use the pilgrims or our Thanksgiving holiday.  I used the parable of The Ten Lepers.  I thought that “only 1 said thank you” was the perfect way for them to understand giving thanks.  They really grasped lesson and loved the craft project.  For the craft, I used the  from paper craft MSSS Crafts and Resources for Bible Stories

For this project, we had the kids color each of the nesting dolls (front only – paper craft) and cut them out.  Then we helped them glue them by the number tabs on a sheet that says Only 1 Said “Thank You”!! and it had a poem on it for the kids to recite with their parents.  To get my page with the poem that we mounted them to, go to this download.  Be sure to print it on cardstock for extra strength with the glue and how heavy it gets with all 10 nesting dolls for the paper craft.

That about covers it for now and gets you caught up with just a couple of my classes favorite projects.  I hope your kids enjoy as much as mine did!!  Please be sure to leave me a comment if you use these craft ideas or tell me how they turned out, and please, click the button below if you enjoy the projects that I share….thanks!!

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