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Daily Archives: 18 November 2011

An Update

I know I haven’t posted much.  I had such big plans to get caught up and to share some of my religious education lessons.  Then, things went kind of crazy.

We dogsat my parents dog for almost 2 weeks while they were on vacation.  Hubby had a couple of appointments up at the VA, which is an all day event for each one.  I fought a “cold” for 2 weeks.  It was more like a cough that just wouldn’t go away.  It was so irritating and my whole body hurt from coughing.  I was sleeping all sorts of crazy hours because coughing at night was stopping me from getting a good night’s sleep.  So, I’d nap off and on all day long and a couple days, I slept almost all day long.

Then I finally got a call from the surgery clinic.  I was told that the doctor had gotten approval to do start doing some of the lap band surgeries.  They scheduled me for an appointment on Wednesday to see him about my surgery.  That same day, I had a diabetes check-up with my regular doctor.  That ended up being an all day thing!!  The doctor told me that I’d have to have a scope done this week and in December, I should have my surgery.  That meant that Thursday, I was back up at the hospital doing my pre-admitting and paperwork.

The scope was scheduled for today and is a minor surgery.  They were going to put me out, so hubby had to take the day off so he could drive me home.  Chances of a complication are minimal and they do it to make sure there’s no infections in the stomach or anything that would prevent me from having the surgery done.  With this scheduled, the lap band wouldn’t be far behind because they can’t risk you developing something in between times.  I was ready for a quick in and out!!

Everything went off without a hitch for the scope.  I was in surgery 30 minutes after being admitted.  Everyone is so great in that clinic.  They had a terrible time trying to get my IV started once I got to surgery.  I had 3 people working on me and they finally called in the head anesthesiologist.  He put it in my upper arm and was looking at my shoulder!!  EEK  I got a nasty spray in the throat for the tubes and camera to go in.  It was so gross!!  I went out so quick.  I don’t remember a thing, but supposedly I was partially awake.

The scope showed that I had a hiatal hernia, gastritis, and they found 2 polyps.  My surgeon had to biopsy them and it’ll take awhile for the results to come back.  He told me the % risk that they’re cancerous, but I don’t remember as he said it when I was coming out of anesthesia.  I have to call Monday for a follow-up and that won’t be until they have the biopsy results back.  I had no idea that I have a hiatal hernia.  He said that’s good and I probably won’t need meds for it. 

As for the polyps, I’m not going to worry.  I believe that this happened for a reason.  Even if they are cancerous, they’re catching them early.  I really don’t think that they are though.  That’s just my feeling.  Only a little time will tell.  My hopes are high and I refuse to believe the worst.  I’m not sure I’ll still be having the lap band surgery in December with this, but it’s only a matter of time now!!

Those of you that have been following my progress since my decision to have the lap band done might remember that this is way earlier than expected.  My initial wait was supposed to be a year.  The military has finally allowed him to start performing the lap bands and he’s trying to work as many in as possible.  Those with gastric bypass or the sleeve are still waiting and it’ll probably be a year for them.  So as I said, this has all happened for a reason.  The lap bands being approved and the surgery dates coming up so quick from what was expected has helped to realize that I might have some sort of issues.

I’ll keep you posted and I’ll try to post more often.  I still want to share my religious education lessons and I have so many photos that I like and want to post.  One thing at a time though!!

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