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Gone So Long

Posted by on 3 November 2011

I know, it’s been quite a long time since I posted.  Things got pretty busy around here and I was trying to keep it all going….smoothly.  That was short lived when I got sick.  

I’d been fighting a cold for awhile.  It was there, but hadn’t really effected me.  Hubby had it for over 2 weeks and I was doing just fine.  Saturday, we had to go get our flu shots because it was going to be our last opportunity.  We could do it this coming weekend, but we won’t be available, so had to do it while we could.  I felt fine after and on Sunday.  Then on Monday, I realized I wasn’t doing so well and laid around a lot.  Tuesday, I literally spend about 20 hours in bed and most of it, I was sleeping.

I woke up Wednesday morning sweating from head to toe.  I was exhausted, but knew that I was going to have to teach class that night.  Miss K made sure to take care of me as only she can.  Actually, she slept most of the day on Tuesday too.  I think it was enough to get her past it.  Even now, I don’t feel “sick”, I’m just so tired.  Plus, a cough has started.

With the rest of the week we have ahead, I can’t let it get me down and I have to start moving.  Friday, I have to take Lean Green to the VA to have his eye exam.  They should be dilating them, so he can’t drive at all.  Then on Saturday, we get my parents dog.  We’ll be dogsitting for them.  Yes, 3 dogs running around the house and all of them in charge!!  HAHA

Anyway, that’s where I’ve been.  I hope to get the blog caught up soon.  I want to share our craft from last night’s religion class.  It was super simple and they had fun!!  I also have some photos that I hope to share.  Stay tuned and don’t mind the germs!!



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