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Daily Archives: 24 October 2011

Family Workout

The family here at Commotion has a brand new routine!!  Every evening (except for Wednesday when we have religious education), Lean Green comes home from work, lets the dogs out, and then he changes clothes.  We then begin a family workout!!

We’ve been exercising about 15-20 minutes each evening.  We expect this time to increase as we get more used to our routine.  Heck, even the dogs have been getting in on it!!  When we’re done, we all do our part to cook dinner and have it on the table by a decent time so that the workout doesn’t go to waste by sitting the rest of the night.

So far it’s working out well.  Granted we’re only in our first week, but we’re all enjoying the time together.  We’re really liking feeling better!!  Miss K was really sore that first day and we had a good laugh about that considering how much younger she is than than us.  She’s just taking it all in stride!!

Miss K and I are really working on our lower bellies.  I never got rid of the baby pouch, even after all these years and she takes after Momma!!  The routine that her and I use is from here, which I found on Pinterest.  If that doesn’t work, you can see it here.  While we’re doing that, hubby runs in place or does some of his Army exercises.

I’m still on the waiting list for the lap band, but there’s been no word in ages.  I’m going to call again this week.  At this rate though, I won’t need the surgery!!  HAHA

So what does your family do for fitness??  Do you take any time to work out together or alone??  Have you ever considered doing it??  I’d love to know what you all do, if anything at all.  Goodness knows that even though we’re fairly busy, we’ve never done anything like this until now.  I think we’ll all benefit in the long run though.

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