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The Weekend

Posted by on 8 October 2011

Time just seems to be escaping me lately.  With so much going on in homeschool this year for lessons, birthdays, doctor visits, and many other things, I’m just falling behind.  My poor blog seems to be suffering the most.  I apologize for not being around much.  Even this weekend, there’s plenty for us to do.

I should have put my call into the surgeon last week, but there was so many things with the party that I decided to wait.  I didn’t want to get caught up in appointments when I already had that going on.  I also need to schedule my regular 6 month appointment with my doc (diabetes and meds), plus I’m almost 2 months behind scheduling my eye exam.  Because of the diabetes, I’m supposed to have my diabetic eye exam every year.  This is aside from the regular eye exam which we don’t do this year because insurance doesn’t pay for it but every other year.

Rain has moved in, but allergies are bad.  Poor kiddo is just miserable.  It’s a combination of such a long hot dry summer and whatever this weather is bringing with it.  You can smell it in the air though.  Even hubby is sneezing and congested.  I keep checking with the post hospital/clinic to see if flu shots are being done yet.  So far, no word!!

Because of the birthday and everything going on, I haven’t lost any more weight.  I’m holding at a loss of 10 pounds.  That’s good though!!  I’d still like to lose more and hopefully as things calm down again I will.  I’m feeling good!!  I just wish that I could go to bed earlier and sleep.  I can go to bed, but I generally just lay there….and then I start to think.

I’m trying to create new things for my group and also post on my other blog (The Schoolhouse) as often as possible.  I’m just barely keeping my head above the water with that one!!  HAHA  Also, I don’t want to neglect this blog too much.  With having an almost all boy class this year, I’m hoping to share more of the activities that I’m doing with them.  I’m not using the all the same books and I’m moving away from coloring.  Not that we do too much coloring before, I’ve just really expanded on it and trying to let them use more things.  They seem to be enjoying it and I’m hoping to be able to share most of it here!!

In addition to all that, I’m really missing taking new photos.  The things that we’ve been doing and the places we’ve been going don’t really require bringing a camera along.  I can’t say I’ve missed any shots by not having it with me either.  Maybe a couple sunsets, but that’s about all.  With everything so dead from the summer heat, there’s just not many pretty plants and animals are out of sight looking for food.  I’d love to get back to doing some memes and posting some photos again….and even a couple photo memes!!

Oh, and how about them Packers!?!?  Going for a 5-0 start to the season tomorrow.  We even get to watch it!!  I can’t wait.  It should be a good day as we go racing in Kansas first.  Hoping that Dale Jr finally gets his first win this season.  If not, Jimmie Johnson or Jeff Gordon have to bring the in for Hendrick Motor Sports.  Then in the evening, the big game for the Pack against the dirty birds of Atlanta.  Yeah, I’ll be a tv (sports) watching girl tomorrow and kiddo will be at my side!!

Well, that’s it for now.  I’m out!!

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