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Daily Archives: 2 October 2011

Dirt Track Racing

We ended the birthday party event in a special way for Miss K last night.  We took her to the local dirt track to watch some championship racing.  It was just so much fun and the weather was perfect!!  

We left about the time the gates open.  We remembered from a previous trip many years earlier, that they fill up pretty fast.  We paid our extra $1 so that we could sit in the actual seats instead of on bleachers.  As we waited, we watched the trailers getting to the track and setting up the cars.  The temps cooled off as the sun went down.  We had to give mom and dad coats of ours because we knew it’d be damp and chilly.  Good thing because it was the perfect night for dirt track racing!!

It started with trials in the different classes.  I couldn’t pick a winner to save my soul!!  Finally the last couple races, I had a couple that finished well.  At the half way point, all the guys that qualified the night prior came out and drew numbers for starting positions.  Then the big races started!!

By the time, the track was drying out and they were really sliding around the corners.  The dust would just hang in the air.  There was some really great battles.  There was races and they’d go quick.  The trials were 10 laps, but all the championship racing was at least 25 laps.  The little sprint cars were the fastest!!  We all thought that they’d wreck more, but they didn’t.  They just lapped and lapped.

The whole night, the guy on the flag stand was being questioned.  He really didn’t throw the caution as much as he should have.  He endangered some of those drivers.  They’re stalled out in the corners with cars coming right at them and dodging them.  Had all of us on our feet at times to see who was or wasn’t going to make it through.

Now, as I sit here recalling the fun from last night, I’m watching the big boys race around the track at Dover.  Oh how we all love some good racing….no matter how many days in a row or the type!!



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