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Posted by on 27 September 2011

I have to say that my nutrition appointment went well today.  I was really nervous about it because of what the dietitian told us at the meeting, but it was fine.  It went really smooth.

He went over a lot again about what I can and can’t eat after surgery.  He stated it’s all about chewing.  Overall, it was a very short appointment and I’m on my way.  After the madness this weekend, I can schedule my appointment with the surgeon and see approximately when it’s going to happen.  I’ll also have to do blood work and a stress test.

Oh….and I officially lost 10 pounds!!  Not much, but just forcing myself to eat 3 meals a day and have some snacks has helped that much.  Now for regular exercise and getting off these meds!!

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  1. Katrina, Sunday School Blogger

    That’s so great that your nutrition appointment went well! How has it been going for the past week or so? I saw that you’re going to jump into exercising—what are you going to try? I tried running for a time but just couldn’t get into it. Now I use a rowing machine at home, and that’s not too terrible.

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