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Daily Archives: 26 September 2011

Happy Birthday, Teenager!!

Today, the teenager advances a year into the teens and leaves us wondering where time has gone and why it’s gone so fast.  It’s been great though and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything in the world!!  Miss K is the most amazing kid and she makes me proud everyday that she’s mine.

We really pulled one over on her today!!  She knew that I had to get up early to go rent my mom’s space for the craft sale.  She told me to call her and wake her up on my way home and she’d get ready and we’d go to the mall.  Today is an official holiday from homeschool, so no worries there!!  Anyway, I had other plans as Lean Green took the day off without telling her, so he went with me.  On the way home, we picked up Chic-Fil-A for breakfast.  It happens to be her favorite!!  By my not calling, she was still sleeping when I got home.  I walked in and told her to wake up, that I’d gotten breakfast for a surprise.  I got the biggest bestest smile I’d ever seen!!  When her eyes where open, I told her I had another surprise and I went to the hall and brought Lean Green into her room.  Another giant smile!!  She stretched and yawned and got out of bed and we all ate breakfast together.

We then asked her what she wanted to do and she said she wanted to go to Wichita Falls.  I was really tired, so I said I’d take a nap and see how I felt for the drive.  When I got up, we knew that we weren’t going to make that drive and I said let’s go to the mall.  Ended up being a great trip!!  She got some new shoes, a skirt, and a new dress.  We ended our shopping trip with some frozen yogurt at the new shop.  It was delish and she was happy!!

Before the nighttime television shows started, we took her out to dinner.  It was her choice and she made a good one!!  We all enjoyed it and it was a cozy evening at home.  Later, my parents called and sang to her, which was just so darn sweet!!  She said it was the best birthday ever!!

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!!  We love you so much and we can’t wait to see what’s ahead for you.  You’re truly precious and we were blessed the day you entered our lives!!




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