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Foto Finish: Look Up

Posted by on 17 September 2011

Foto Finish

For today’s Foto Finish, the theme is “look up”.  I didn’t want to do the typical birds or trees….or even a flag.  That would just be too predictable.  Then I remembered these birds that were circling while we were on the Wildlife Refuge during the huge wildfire there.  They were very eery to say the least!!

I decided to use one of those images for my Foto Finish.  Unfortunately, the quality is very low on this one. Here’s my subject for “look up”….

For an update on the wildfire, they estimate that over 20,000 acres burned.  There’s still no cause for the fire, except for extreme heat with no rain, dry, and windy.  The only animal loss was 1 old elf found dead.  It seems that all the other animals remained safe.  With recent sprinkles and even a little rain in the area, there’s already tiny green sprouts of grass coming up through the burned land.  Life does go on!!

Do you “look up” very often??  If so, If you do, just post your photos and click the button above to join in on Foto Finish !!




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