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Daily Archives: 16 September 2011


I finally got the call!!  Well, it still wasn’t the call that I was wanting.  I got a call to schedule my group nutrition appointment.  I’ve already had that one and I’m waiting for my 1 on 1 appointment with the nutritionist.  So they gave me the number to call to schedule that one, but she warned me that they were adament that I need the group counseling.

I called the clinic and she asked when I did group and I gave her the date.  She informed me that they didn’t have me down for that session.  I told her I was there and that the bariatric group meeting was just before and I talked to the nutritionist a couple times at both appointments.  So, she let me know that there were no more appointments in September and that I’d have to wait until sometime in October.  I let her know that wasn’t acceptable because I need to get put on that surgery list.  I mean come on people….this is a matter of health, not beauty!!  The longer they wait, the further back on the list I am and the longer that I have to wait.  Anyway, she scheduled me for the last week of the month.  I’ll take it, but I’m so darn busy that week I’m not sure if my head will still be attached at the end of it all!!

With that appointment set and knowing that they told us that we had to lose some weight and show progress before they’d “approve” it with our surgeon, I decided to weigh myself.  Now mind you, I don’t weigh myself often at all.  It’s not that I’m ashamed, I just don’t care because I am who I am.  Knowing that I’ve worked really hard on 3 meals a day and small portions, I was curious.  Much to my surprise, if I remember my weight in the surgeons office correct…..I’ve lost 10-12 pounds!!  That’s not much at all for about a month’s time, but it’s more than I’ve ever done before.  I’m just so happy!!  I hope the docs scale tells me the same thing because if I did this just on teaching myself to eat 3 small meals a day, I’m going to do great after the surgery.



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