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Daily Archives: 14 September 2011

Week 2 of RE and Getting Caught Up

I know it probably seems like it’s been forever since I’ve written a blog post.  We’ve just been so busy as a family and time is flying by.  I haven’t even posted many photos!!  I do so love sharing what I see through the lens with you.  The temps have really cooled off, so maybe I’ll be able to get out there and get some good shots to post!!

Tonight was the 2nd religious education class this year.  It looks like I won’t have one girl showing up because her mom wants to be in classroom and that just doesn’t work.  So instead of leaving her daughter and letting her learn and grow, the mom has opted to keep her out of CCD.  Two of my girls left tonight, but one of them is very young and the poor sweet thing is just having such a hard time adjusting to school during the day and then class at night.  The other one just decided that she wasn’t coming to class this week, even though she was find last week.  We’ll see what happens with that one.

Without my girls there, it leaves me with a class of boys.  Nine boys to be exact!!  There’s still 3 girls, but they’re so outnumbered and all so very quiet.  The boys on the other hand are all boy!!  They’re active.  They’re loud.  They’re crazy and fun.  I can see that the rules will have to be enforced this year to keep things moving.  It’s so easy for them to get out of control.  I have to say though, they’re great kids!!

The wildfire on the Wildlife Refuge has been contained.  It’s actually finally out.  I haven’t heard a final total on how much land has burned.  The pictures of the damage were just so terrible.  We’ve had small amounts of rain, but not much.  The land around here is just so dead and everything is brown.  When I do see a green lawn, it irritates me because it’s been so long without real rain and they think they’re lawn is more important than drinking water and showers.  I don’t care how “pretty” it is, come on people, this is OK and it’s HOT….lawns die and come back in due time!!

Plans are well under way for Miss K’s birthday party.  We’re getting the house and everything ready now so that we don’t have to do it last minute or rush.  All the supplies have been bought, but we have them sorted and we’re trying to finalize the guest list.  It appears that this is going to be one of her smaller parties, but I have no doubts that it’ll be a good one!!  I personally can’t wait for the food.  My DRE”s mom is making it all and I know how delicious it’ll be.  Did I mention it was Mexican food??  HEHE

Oh, did I mention for the first time since Miss K started school that she’s struggling??  No, not in a bad way and not all her classes.  It’s mainly Algebra I.  She gets it, but it takes time.  I’m very proud of her though and she’s making huge strides!!  I always have to keep in mind that no matter what, she IS working a year ahead in math.  So, it’s all good!!  Other than that, her grades are great.  She doesn’t like Science this year…..Space and Earth Science.  She says she likes the stars, but not reading some boring text books about them!!  HAHA  I’m working on finding some fun things for her to do so that she can enjoy it more, but basically, she’s got to quit telling herself she doesn’t like it because it just makes it worse.  I expect soon, the light bulb will go on and she’ll be in love with it yet again!!  I do love homeschool though because it gives her the chance to have these emotions and these struggles and not have to worry about falling behind or a teacher that doesn’t care.  She will succeed!!

Well, that’s all that I have for you right now.  What have you all been up to??

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