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Foto Finish: Buffalo

Posted by on 3 September 2011

Foto Finish

The subject of today’s Foto Finish is “things with 4 legs”.  I’m always excited when I can share photos of our 4-legged family.  Yes, my plan was to go with the dogs or even the turtle.  But today, I’m going a different direction.

Because of the wildfire that’s burning at the Wildlife Refuge, I wanted to share the buffalo that I shot while we were out there the other day.  This guy was moving away from the flames and to the almost dry pond.  I have a true fascination with the buffalo and longhorns.  I’d love to go out there more than we do.  I was so sad watching him move and seeing all that land burn.  All the water is almost dry because we’ve gone so long without rain and it’s been unseasonably HOT!!

Here’s my Foto Finish (click to enlarge)….

Walking toward me along the road

Walking right toward me....and past me

At the pond drinking with a friend across resting

Do you have any photos of “things with 4legs” ??   If you do, just post your photos and click the button above to join in on Foto Finish !!

3 Responses to Foto Finish: Buffalo

  1. Stacie

    Fantastic pictures.

  2. Barbara

    What a treat! They are such stately animals. Good to see you on Foto Finish today!

  3. quiltzyx/sue

    Terrific pics of the buffalo! There used to be some not too far from me, at a place in the slightly more rural area. Maybe one of these days I’ll have to go by there I see if they are still around.

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