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I’m OK!!

Posted by on 1 September 2011

Today was the day of my psych evail.  That’s what I call it anyway because that’s basically what it was.  Anyone going that’s going to have bariatric surgery must be evaluated.  I fully understand why.  Having this process done is totally life changing.

I loved the doctor that I saw.  She was very relaxing and had no pretext notions or anything.  Super easy to open up to and just be totally honest with.  I have to say that I completely enjoyed my visit with her.  It was relaxing!!  She has a tiny Yorkie called Mutton.  She put a blanket on her lap and the dog climbed up and just went to sleep.  Beforehand, she does ask if you don’t like dogs or are allergic.  I’m all for it!!  We have 2 of our own fur babies and love for them to be part of things.

The doc asked very basic questions.  Alot on how I deal with situations.  Some about my support system.  The fact is, I have the best family in the whole world between my parents, hubby, and kiddo!!  She was happy about that.  I also told her that I’m a venter and then move on.  Apparently that’s a good thing!!  And I really do.  I usually say what’s on my mind, bothering me and so on….then it’s over.

She asked about my relaxation.  I told her all about how much I love my photography and have gotten back into it again.  I also told her that this surgery will really help me and my photography.  Now, I do get tired easy or I can’t always squat into a position that I need to.  It’s not so much getting there, but being able stay there and hold it to get the shot!!  Then I told her about my Christian and educational games that I  created.  She really loved that!!  The do thinks that I’m really balanced and have great methods of relaxation and release.

The doc was very knowledgeable about the lap band too.  She knew how big my opening would be and how much I could expect to eat.  She knew all about not being able to drink with the meal, or 30 minutes prior or after the meal.  She stated that if I love steak/beef, just to be sure to have a tiny portion and CHEW!!  She thinks I’ll adjust well though and that I’m a good candidate for the lap band.

Then she made some other statements about me, which I found interesting.  I don’t know if they pertained to my surgery, or were just part of analyzing me.  She knew that I was from OKlahoma, so she knows that OK stands for that in my ID and blog addresses.  She also had the take on it that it’s how I feel about life.  That I’m OK!!  That’s also where I got the title to this post.  I loved that take on me because that really is how I feel.  I’m blessed and I want to help others that might not be OK like I am and like my family is.  I am OK because tomorrow is always another day.

She also stated that she thought that my photography my be a few of my faith.  I think my jaw dropped when she said that.  I said, “well yes, it very well could be since my favorite subject is nature”.  She smiled at that and I told her how we all have our favorite subjects that we shoot more than others or only shoot.  For me, it’s flowers and bugs, sunsets, water, and other various nature scenes is what I really love.  I do people and still shots and other things, but I do love my nature.  So, I really loved her take on my photography and it sure rings true!!

On a side note, she also thought that Lean Green’s hobby of models is great for him!!  She liked how we could both do ours and be together or share in it.

So there you have it…..I’m OK!!  That’s a major item cleared for me to get this lap band done.  Next step is the 1 on 1 nutrition counseling.  After that, I finally get to meet with the surgeon and start getting my tests done and an approximate date!!

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