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Changing from Kid to Teen

Posted by on 27 August 2011

Miss K is fully making the change from kid to teen.  For quite awhile now, we’ve been trying to tell her to get rid of the kitchen and all that goes with it in her room.  She also has TONS of Barbie stuff that never gets used any more.  We’ve told her and told her that she’d have more room if she just gets rid of what she doesn’t “play” with any more.

Well finally, the change has come….and in a BIG way!!  We started early this morning moving everything out of her room that she no longer wants or uses.  Much of it she wants to keep for her future kids, but some of it is going to charity or the thrift store.  The main thing she wanted added to her room was this big round chair we have up in the attic.  It’s been there for a couple years and she’s always said one day it’d be in her room.  Well, it didn’t fit!!  It was way too big, so I had a brilliant idea….or so I thought.  I made Lean Green clear off the rocking chair in our room and bring it to her room.  Well, she loves it!!  So I’ve lost my rocking chair….and his dump area for clothes and things he doesn’t know what to do with.  It does look good in Miss K’s room though and it was in there when she was a baby.

We also added a 3-drawer dresser/chest to her room.  She’s always had the multi-colored plastic storage drawers in her room.  Well, they’re looking old and broke down now, so a change was needed.  We put the new dresser drawers between the rocking chair and her bed.  She’s got a lamp, her jewelry box, the alarm clock, and a few trinkets on it.  It’s very teen!!

I’m a very visual person in that I can see how things will fit….or not fit….into a space.  I kept telling Miss K that I didn’t want to move the bookcase because it fit perfectly where it is.  She wanted it moved though and her tv put in that corner so she can sit on the bed or in the rocking chair to watch tv.  So, we went to move it and the bookcase fell apart.  I don’t know what went wrong, but Lean Green and I just looked at each other and kicked the stupid thing.  So tomorrow we have to go find another bookcase because the room can’t be completed without one.  We have books down the hall right now!!

Then came her main dresser.  She wanted it next to the tv stand.  I told her they were going to touch and not look good at all, but Miss K insisted.  So, we moved it.  Yes, it looked like crap!!  There’s that crazy momma visualizing again and of all things, being RIGHT!!  The tv came out of the corner and the dresser went in the corner along the wall.  And of course, it fit perfect and it looks great….with no clutter.  Imagine that!!

So now the room change from kid to teen is complete.  Well, almost!!  She wants a real lamp for next to the chair so she can sit and read.  We also need to get a new bookcase for her.  Then there’s moving a few things around and a little more sorting of what goes where, as far as keep or donate and so on.  It looks good though and Miss K is really happy. 

Momma, well, she’s not so sure that she likes seeing her girl grow up so fast!!

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