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Nutrition Session

Posted by on 18 August 2011

Today was my first nutrition counseling. This one was a group session.  Before that though, I attended my first bariatric support group meeting.  This was a small turn-out with only 4 of us attending.  It was nice though.  It was a nice opportunity for all of us to just talk and tell our stories.

The nutrition counseling was very informative.  As with all nutritionists, she tried to convince us that nutrition was the way to go and not surgery.  They’re not supposed to try to talk us out of the surgery, but this was really borderline.  In fact, it almost crossed the line!!

They want us to start the nutrition portion of the surgery right away.  They said that we need to get used to the amount of food we can intake, the size of the portions, and other things related to the surgery.  We also have intake as much protein as possible.  Some of us need to get with our doctors and check on getting our meds in liquid form.  Otherwise, I’m going to have to grind up all of my meds!!  Not what I call fun. 

I was surprised they wanted us on 1200 calorie diets.  That just doesn’t seem like much at all to me.  I mean, I don’t each much now and that’s hardly anything and it has to be tiny portions throughout the day.  Tons of water, so we don’t dehydrate.  That’s a must now with my diabetes, but more with the surgery. 

The liquid diet pre-surgery and post-surgery won’t be as bad as I thought.  The clear liquid diet will be horrible for the week of the surgery!!  However, they have yogurt, popsicles, jello, and other things like that on the liquid diet.  Then it’s on to a puree diet.  They said if it can be sucked up a straw, we can attempt to eat it.  Doesn’t sound appetizing!!  HAHA  They said the most important thing is that things we loved to eat before, we might not any longer be able to eat.  We might even find out there’s new things for us to eat.  I don’t see that, but I sure hope I don’t lose my taste for steak.  I don’t care if it’s 2 whole tiny bites….I love my beef!!

All in all, I’d say it was a good day.  I got quite a bit of useful information.  I found out there was several things available on post for the fitness and personal trainers.  I’m not that far yet, but with the nutrition tips, I will be soon!!



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