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Appointments Abound

Posted by on 5 August 2011

The ball is rolling now for my appointments to get this lap band done.  If you remember, from my initial meeting last week, I had to wait 4 days for my consults to start.  Many of them are handled right through the post hospital.  Right on cue on Wednesday, the phone started to ring!!

In the morning, the nutrition clinic called me.  I’ve got my first group session with the nutritionist set-up for being in a couple weeks.  That’s the first they had available.  As long as I’m scheduled, I’m not going to worry about it!!  Of all my meetings, this one worries me the most.  In the past, I’ve not had good luck with nutritionists.  I find them arrogant and rude.  They frown on people like me without even knowing what my life is like.  One incorrect consumption and it’s all your fault your fat or sick.  To me, they act as judge and jury.

I have to go into this appointment thinking differently though.  The nurse stressed that none of our appointments should be to talk us out of the surgery or to judge us.  It’s more about getting us to follow the rules and knowing how to handle ourselves post-op.

Late in the afternoon, the phone rang again and I almost didn’t answer it because I didn’t recognize the phone number.  I told Miss K that I had better since I might start to get more calls now.  Good thing that I did!!  My counselor was on the other end to set-up my psych evaluation appointment.  She seems really nice and she stated immediately that she’s out of town.  She also said that she has a small dog in the office.  I loved that idea, of course!!  She’s also more than willing to let K join me on my appointment.

The counselor is booked up for the rest of the month.  She stated that she got a bunch of these consults spit out at her all at once that day and she’s trying to work around everyone’s schedule.  I must say this is one time that homeschooling is a benefit.  I’m getting in first thing in September because I don’t have to worry about getting her to or from school.  She went over everything that we’ll discuss and why I have to have it done.  She directed me to her web site for driving directions and the forms that I’ll need to have filled out when I walk in.  That’s 7 pages worth!!

So, the process has really started now.  I’m so excited!!  This is going to be such a life changer for all of us, but especially me.  I think I’m ready though.  I know the wait for the surgery itself could be a year wait, but getting this part of it done is huge!!  It just means that I’m ready and all those that think they have time will have to wait longer.  No extending this for me!!

OYE…..and homeschool starts in less than 2 short weeks!!

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