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Remind Me

Posted by on 26 July 2011

Miss K has been patiently waiting for the video for “Remind Me” by Brad Paisley with Carrie Underwood.  She finally found it today and is so excited.  I’ve gotta say, Brad has really matured and I think he’s turned into quite the hottie!!  Kimberly is one lucky woman!!  HAHA

Here’s the video from CMT.  It’s a pretty good video.

Is it just me or is the way Carrie walks across the desert with that model walk just odd though??  I mean she’s in stilettos in a desert!!  You know she’s in front of a green screen because those heels would have to sink in at least once.  HAHA  Well I think so anyways.  Even the hardest dry dirt is going to give to a point like those.  But that’s not my point.  The model walk….one leg crossing in front of the other as she walks.  It’s just odd!!  NOBODY walks like that in real life, much less across a desert.

Great song though and I can’t help myself but to sing along.  What do you think??

2 Responses to Remind Me

  1. Miss K

    Love that song!! I think that is my favorite duet song after Tim and Faith. <3

  2. Bethanne

    Oh wow. I think she has too much leg showing… do people really wear skirts with a slit all the way up the front? Maybe without the wind and the criss-cross walking it wouldn’t be so provacative. People don’t really walk that way, either… 😀 😀

    Still, it’s a nice song and I love Brad Paisley’s music. He’s one of the most creative song writers out there.

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