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Things That Fly

Posted by on 16 July 2011

Foto Finish

Camera Critters

Today, I have a 2-fer!!  I’m participating in Foto Finish and Camera Critters.  The theme for this week’s Foto Finish is “things that fly”.

I absolutely love feeding the birds.  We don’t get a large variety in our backyard, mostly 2 varieties of sparrows.  However, we have had a Cardinal couple that has visited for months now and I love them!!  We also get Pigeons and Morning Doves.  A couple weeks ago, we were visited by a Bluejay and I’ve already shared a photo of him.

Much to my happiness, while my parents were visiting us last weekend, a Hawk started to appear.  It seems to be making a home nearby.  In the photo that I chose, you can see some straw or twigs in its mouth.  I haven’t seen it at all this week, but I keep watching.  I have to believe that it’ll be back!!

Here’s my Foto Finish and Camera Critters (click to enlarge)….

Do you have any photos of “things that fly” or any critters?? If you do, just post your photos and click one or both of the button above to join in on Foto Finish or Camera Critters!!

6 Responses to Things That Fly

  1. Barbara

    What a majestic bird. I love birds of prey.

  2. Kate

    Very majestic creature. Great photo!

  3. quiltzyx/sue

    I hope you get to see your hawk around some more. There are quite a few of them where I am – one has even nested in the microwave tower at the Sheriff’s station! I just love to see them soaring overhead. Great shot!

  4. basil z. brewer

    Camera Critters is a fun weekend meme hosted by Misty Dawn.Visit the and join in.

  5. Tatjana Parkacheva

    Very good and nice photo.


  6. Amelie

    I love the picture – and the framing with the characterful tree really makes it. You can wait around for a really long time to capture moments like this! Thanks, Amelie.

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