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Busy But Good

Posted by on 15 July 2011

I’m sure that some of you might have noticed that I’ve been absent most of the week from blogging.  It’s crazy busy around our house right now, but we’re having a good time!!  To start, my parents arrived last Wednesday and stayed with us until Sunday.  We had such an awesome visit with them.  The men did a little work trimming some trees and the rest of the time, we relaxed and watched movies.  Oh, and we all ate far too much, but it was oh so delish!!  It was hard to see them leave after such a good time.

Monday, started the ball rolling for our busy week.  Miss K began classes at the local vo-tech.  Her classes are every afternoon this week.  She’s taking Teacher in Training.  She wasn’t excited about this class, as it was my choice.  Next week, she’s also taking a class that she picked…..Cool Culinary Creations.  The first day she walked out all excited and started telling me about the kids she met and her great teacher.  K also told me about everything she had to squeeze into her week and how excited she was.  First off, she had to pick a grade and subject she wanted to “teach”.  She picked 3rd grade Geography.  Her specific topic was latitude and longitude, so she had to create a lesson plan for it.  She also had to do a grade book for 15 students.  The main project was to create a bulletin board for her subject of choice.  Miss K’s bulletin board was “The World of 3rd Grade”.  Everyday, we were updated on the progress.  Today was the final day and she got a certificate of completion for her class and got to bring her bulletin board home.  Here’s her with her display (click to enlarge)….

Having her in class meant that I got a few hours to myself every day.  Boy, was that nice!!  I felt so productive and got my lesson plans for our upcoming homeschool year almost complete.  I have a few of our minor classes to enter yet.  I think it’s going to be a great year and I think K will like what we’re studying.  Social Studies is all about America this year!!  The one rather large glitch is that I got the wrong curriculum for math.  Miss K is a year ahead, so I was looking for the BJU Press curriculum at the store for 9th grade.  Geometry was marked as such.  So I work on all these lesson plans and I decided that I had better get my order in for the teacher’s edition of her Social Studies because that’s the only thing that I don’t have yet.  While on the site, she sees vocabulary, so I put that in the shopping car too.  I decided to browse the curriculum by grade, so I look at 9th grade for math.  Low and behold, it says Algebra I.  I’m confused, so I look at 10th grade, and there’s Geometry.  EEK!!  Need-less-to-say, I threw that Algebra I in the shopping cart too and went down and bought a new lesson plan book today.  All weekend, I’ll be rewriting our lessons!!  It’s a good thing though and I can’t complain….I have one full subject of curriculum bought for next year!!  HAHA

Also, of major news, I have a doc appointment on Monday.  Those of you who know me, know that I’ve battled diabetes since Miss K was 5 and with that, I fight with my weight.  My biggest issue is that I don’t eat.  I have 1 meal a day and that’s dinner.  It’s not good for diabetes or weight control.  For a month now, I’ve prayed and discussed getting a lap band with my family and God.  I talked to my best friend who’s a nurse and who’s had a gastric bypass.  She’s gave me so much to think about and she’s just always there for me…..I know I can trust her.  After all this, I’ve decided to get the lap band surgery done.  When I called to get the referral, they insisted that I get a doc appointment first because I’ve never seen this doc.  Yes, I have yet another doc.  (Gotta love military life….NOT!!)  He gets to decide on Monday if HE THINKS that I should have the surgery or not.  I have to believe that he’s going to be with me on this because it really is the best for my health and for my family.  If it was my old doc, I wouldn’t be worried as he’s talked to me about this for about 3 years now.  I just don’t know how the new one will handle it or how controlling he is. 

So, life is good….it’s just busy!!  We’re about 40 days strait of 100+ degree temperatures now.  I like hot, but this is HOT!!  Lean Green is hanging in there and I’m happy every night when he comes home.  God has blessed me and I try never to forget that.  I do ask that if you pray, to please pray for my doc to have wisdom and compassion and understanding for my health and reasoning for the surgery.  Also, pray for rain, as we desperately need it.

Have a great one!!


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