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Thursday Thirteen: 13 Most Overrated Hollywood Stars

Posted by on 30 June 2011

This is a Thursday Thirteen that I’ve thought about for quite awhile.  I knew I wanted to do this list because I’ve been thinking about it for so long now and I just really love movies.  I really had to narrow it down and put the list into perspective.  Then I really wanted to give good reasoning.  This is MY list and how I feel.  I’m sure as you read this, you might feel a little bit different.  But here it goes from 13 down to 1….being the MOST overrated in Hollywood!!

13.  Sarah Jessica Parker – A beautiful woman and top notch in fashion.  Not the best actress though as it feels like she leaves something out when she acts.

12.  Jennifer Lopez – Another beautiful woman that’s very talented.  She always looks great and can sing fairly well too.  However, I can take it or leave it when it comes to her movies.  I think they’re usually sweet and funny, but she almost puts off a diva aura on screen.

11.  Ingrid Bergman – She has some really good movies, but I don’t think they were consistently good.  One of my favorites is a movie of hers, but she’s just not always believable.

10.  Marlon Brando – I’m alright with the “bad boy” image.  It was just something else that made me not want to watch his movies.  Maybe it had to do with the voice….he sounded lazy when he talked.  He still owned his part in The Godfather!!

9.  Gary Cooper – I know that he was supposed to be such a good guy and very popular with movie-watchers.  I just was never attracted to him.  I actually found his acting to be a little boring.

8.  Audry Hepburn – She was cute and sweet, as were many of her movies.  I just don’t think that made her a good actress.  I think she was in the right place at the right time and got to make a couple good movies, but more that were just average.  During her time, there were several other great actresses on the screen that she couldn’t compare to.

7.  Sophia Loren – I think she used her sexy body for all it was worth, but that’s all she had going for her.  I never believed her parts that much and enjoyed them more when she wasn’t on the screen.  I consider her “annoying”.

6.  Hillary Swank – A very beautiful woman that always seems to smile.  I just never find myself saying “hey, she’s got a new movie so let’s go see it”!!  I think part of the problem is that she tries too hard to be sexy and honestly, she’s really pretty without trying to play it up.

5.  Chevy Chase – As part of the Griswald family, he was hilarious.  Then, he lost something.  I think when he became political and could use his status as a star, he was no longer funny.  He tried to play off that and it just didn’t work and he hasn’t put out anything good since that time.

4.  Woody Allen – The only thing worse than a movie by him, is a movie WITH him!!  He had no talent and definitely wasn’t funny.  Sure, he has his own style, but it never developed and he’s way out in left field.

3.  Will Ferrell – I find nothing funny about him.  He thinks that he has to be rotten dirty in order to get a laugh and it’s just too far over the top.  You don’t have to be raunchy to make it funny.  I find him really quite creepy!!

2.  Jane Fonda – She tried to make it off her daddy’s name and couldn’t do it.  Her movies were lame at best.  Talk about yawning through a movie!!  Then she went all political and used star power to promote that.  Pick one or the other, but both don’t work together and maybe she was better suited for politics because she can’t act!!

1.  Natalie Portman – I know she’s the hot stuff today.  I’m not impressed though.  I think she’s fully capable of being more, but I just don’t see it.  When I watch her movies, I often feel like she’s playing the same part in all of them.  I’d love to see her try to grow more.  Right now though, she’s at the top as most overrated and I think some of her parts could just as easy to other good actresses out there.

Honorable Mention:   Greta Garbo – I don’t dislike her movies, I just don’t enjoy them.  She had a style all her own and maybe that’s what it is….it’s just not my style.  She could definitely own the screen, but at the same time, she doesn’t draw me in when I want her to or think she will. 

So there’s my Thursday Thirteen!!  Who’s on your list??  To participate, just go to the new home of Thursday Thirteen.

2 Responses to Thursday Thirteen: 13 Most Overrated Hollywood Stars

  1. Ron.

    I think you’re right on all counts…but the pool of no-talents is soooooooo huge I’d have real trouble narrowing it down to 13. You done it good, though.

  2. Xakara

    Some very interesting choices and I see where you’re coming from with them. I don’t have a list of my own, but there are a few directors that come to mind. 🙂

    Happy TT,

    13 Desserts

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