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Foto Finish: Something Blue

Posted by on 25 June 2011

Foto Finish

Today’s Foto Finish theme is “something blue”.

This presented a bit of a challenge for me!!  Although it’s my favorite color, I don’t take photos of many blue things.  Then it dawned on me…..the Bluejay.  This little guy came to our feeder in mid-May.  It didn’t take him long to try to take things over.  As pretty as he was and just as my Daddy had warned me, he started chasing the other birds away.  He was outnumbered though and soon went about his way.  I got a couple shots of him, but this is by far the best one.  Unfortunately, it has 2 tall strands of grass right in front of him!!  Oh well, such is the struggles of a hobby photographer.

Here’s my Foto Finish (click to enlarge)….

Do you have any photos of “something blue”??  If you do, just post your photos and click the button above to join in on Foto Finish!!

3 Responses to Foto Finish: Something Blue

  1. Barbara

    That is a beautiful bluejay shot. We get a lot of jays at our feeder, but they all play nice, fortunately. Thanks for posting to Foto Finish!

  2. Kate

    Beautiful bird. Living creatures are so hard to shoot. They just don’t like to pose for us!

  3. quiltzyx

    Great shot of the jay! I think the blades of grass just give it a bit more depth of field.

    Thanks for sharing your Foto Finish with us. 😀

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