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My New Blog

Posted by on 24 June 2011

I went and started a new blog today!!  I’m so excited and I feel great about this.  I’ve been struggling for awhile trying to find a balance between sharing my printables and just being able to blog about what I want.  When I only share my printables, my daily readers and photography buffs leave.  When I go on a rant, talk politics, or other such things that touch my life, my readers after printables leave.

So, I found a solution….I started a new blog.  It will be strictly for my Christian and educational printables.  This will the the place that I can share and help the kids.  I hope that you will follow me to my new location, as well as remain here with the Commotion from the Ocean of Life!!

I’m going to attempt to move my Christian and educational file folder game/printables pages to the new blog.  Then, I will add new stuff via blog posts.  I plan to share my first new materials tomorrow!!  So please, come check out….

Tomorrow will also be Foto Finish here, so come see what my latest photo project will be!!  This blog will be about my hobby….photography, and continue to just be about life.  So please stick around and see what happens next!!

One Response to My New Blog

  1. Bethanne

    Great idea, Elaine!
    Good luck with the new blog. 🙂

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