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What I’ve Been Up To

Posted by on 10 June 2011

As some of you know, Miss K has been gone all week.  She’s been on her first of two summer visits to my parents.  They love having her and she just loves being there.  They’ve had a great week so far and I was determined that I was going to have one too!!

Monday was rather slow.  That’s always my first day “alone” during the day and I always struggle with that to do first.  I started scanning some of our old workbooks so that I can get rid of that stack.  I did some file organizing, but that’s a whole process in itself!!

Tuesday didn’t show much improvement, but I knew that I’d run out of time fast.  I went to work scanning in workbooks again.  I did manage to get Big Boy shaved down.  He just loves having his hair cut off.  I’m told all the time that he’s not supposed to be cut, be he loves it.  He can’t stand that heat with all that hair.  Besides that, it helps to get rid of that winter coat underneath.  He sheds no matter what, but it cuts it down considerably and that’s good!!  His hair always grows back and looks great, so I actually think that cutting it is good for it.

I also got a start on putting a summer clothes in my dresser and pulled out the last of my “winter” clothes.  Actually, all I did was sort them….tomorrow I do the chore!!  I’m one of those people that’s always terrified to get rid of clothes.  They cost money and even if I don’t wear them now, I might wear them SOME DAY!!  However, I’ve gotten better about it than I used to be.  Still, I really do need to narrow it down some more.  I know there’s things I don’t need and never will need.  Some of my problem is that as much as I hate my “old” clothes, they’re still better than anything new that I can buy now.  Clothes just seem so poorly made and the wrong size.  There’s never hip or boob room in them.  It’s like everyone including fat chicks are supposed to be boards….just NO shape!!  The material is thin and the sewing is terrible.  Nothing is made in the United States any more.  Just as shame!!  So, I hang onto everything old, just because it still works and “out of fashion” just doesn’t seem to matter.

Wednesday I really went to work on my clothes and got them all put away.  I have so many tank tops because they’re so comfortable.  I probably have almost every color, ok, not that many!!  Everything looks good, although my shoes are still a mess!!  I think I know of a kiddo that helps me to mess up my shoes and she’s probably going to have to help me fix that mess when she gets home.  I also did some more scanning of workbooks.  I did some planning for my Y!Group and made sure the calendar is pretty up-to-date.  I also did some light housework.  Making sure things are ready for the weekend!!

Thursday, I worked in the schoolroom closet.  It’s just a mess from the end of the religious education school year and also homeschool stuff just getting tossed in there on top of it.  I wasn’t feeling good at all and come to find out, I just needed some water!!  Stupid me let myself get dehydrated.  Once I had some water, I was ready go!!  The Man helped me to work in the closet and we got it all nice and tidy.  I pulled some religious education workbooks that I know I’ll never use now or rarely use.  That made room for things that I do use in the bookcase.  I didn’t get to talk to K until late because she went to some friends of my parents house to look through the telescope.  She got to see Saturn!!

Today, I finished the closet.  All my religious education reading books are in order and easily accessible now.  I don’t think next year we’ll have to do much digging to find the book to read to class!!  More scanning going on too.  When hubby gets home, we’ll tidy up the house.  Do some vacuuming and be ready to get Miss K tomorrow!!

It’s almost time to get started on religious education lessons for next year.  Not to mention, time to start those homeschool lesson plans!!  The curriculum is bought, so time to move onto the next phase.

So, what’d you do this week??



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