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The Royal Wedding

Posted by on 29 April 2011

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Kiddo and I stayed up to watch the Royal Wedding this morning.  I sent her to bed, but she was so excited, she just couldn’t sleep.  I’m usually up very late, so I wasn’t even going to attempt to go to bed.  I remember when Diana and Charles got married and all the hype surrounding that wedding.  For Miss K, this was the wedding that brought that for her.  I just say, it was well worth the wait!!  It was announced well before the wedding, that they’d be the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  Very fitting!!

This was the fairy tale that every little girl dreams of.  I heard all the negative about it and that it was taking up too much news coverage when there was devestating tornadoes over the south and east United States.  And yes it was terrible….beyond terrible….but we’re entitled to some good news too.  But from death comes life.

The whole procession process was amazing and interesting.  Everything was timed so perfectly.   The entrance of the royals was quite the spectical!!  I thought that William looked so regal when he arrived and Harry is such a cute contrast, although he looked spectacular as well.  They looked calm and as if they were having fun.  I loved that Queen Elizabeth showed up in yellow from head to toe.  She’s such a lovely woman!!

Of course, there was much anticipation about the dress.  And I must say, Kate didn’t let anyone down.  It was so simple, yet so elegant.  It even had a bit of a sensual style to it.  She was radiating and beautiful.  The wedding itself was stunning and basic yet full of tradition.  I love the carriage procession back to Buckingham Palace.  Such a tradition and so fun to watch.  We loved the way they looked at each other….so full of love.  I enjoyed seeing the way he spoke to her and the reassurance that they get from each other.  The 2 kisses were great!!

We had some sort of tart for dessert last night.  Kiddo made it in honor of the wedding and I must say, it was delicious!!  It was a really simple batter that rose up to be huge, then I sauteed cinnamon apples and she filled the crust with them and served it.  So great!!  During the ceremony itself, we had popcorn and just sat back and watched.  We barely talked.  Yes, we had to have a snack during the early hours of the morning.  We stayed up until the kiss, then we crashed for a couple hours.

When we woke up, we discussed our favorite parts.  Of course, we couldn’t let this pass without a homeschool lesson as well about the history and traditions.  We loved the hats, or fascinators as they’re called.  They were all so different and the colors….amazing!!  The women all had their own styles.  Much has been said about Princess Beatrice’s hat, but I think it suited her dress and her style.  I was more concerned about Princess Eugenie’s skirt of her dress….it was just a bit odd.  Of course Victoria Beckham was there in all her pregnant glory, but unfortunately, David had his medal on the wrong side and it shouldn’t have been worn at all for the dress code of this Royal Wedding.  I can’t say that there was anything that kiddo and I didn’t like.  It was everything we expected and probably wanted it to be. 

I wish William and Kate (as I’ll continue to call them since I’m not a British subject) all the best of luck and much happiness in their marriage.  I pray that their marriage is truly blessed.

In honor of the happy newlywed couple, I’ll be making “Royal Wedding” printables and sharing them there.  No, they won’t be images from the Royal Wedding or even of William and Kate, but they’ll be princes and princesses….maybe even a king and queen too.  Hopefully I can find the time to create what I want now, so please check back and see if I can pull this off!!

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  1. Pumpkinbear

    We were up EARLY to watch the royal wedding! Well, actually we were up early to go watch the launch of space shuttle Endeavor, but since that launch ended up getting scrubbed, it was nice to have something to show for our efforts.

    We printed off some royal wedding images from the web to put on our gigantic basement timeline.

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