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Happy Blogiversary!!

Posted by on 14 April 2011

Today I celebrate my 3rd blogiversary.  I can’t believe that it’s already been that long!!  I guess that’s how much I really enjoy it.  As they say….time files when you’re having fun!!

Before I blab on too much, I want to give a few stats for my blog for the past 3 years.  They are….

587 posts 11 pages 26 categories 1,103 tags


Akismet has protected your site from 36,471 spam comments already.

172,270 views all-time            3,865 views on busiest day (23 March 2011)

Top 10 search terms for all-time:

elizabeth taylor eyes  11,615            elizabeth taylor  9,859
frank sinatra  6,738            bette davis  5,553
kirk douglas 4,662            funny church signs 3,318
cary grant 2,476            donna reed 2,401
church signs 1,642            clark gable 1,585

Top 5 posts and pages for all-time:

Thursday Thirteen: The 13 Most Beautiful Classic Movie Stars            40,577
Home page            30,777
Thursday Thirteen: The 13 Most Handsome Classic Movie Stars            24,131
NOthing to Say            6,006
Homeschool Printables & Educational File Folder Games            4,936

Site subscriptions:  16 active subscribers (via e-mail)

Comment subscriptions:  14 subscribers, 140 subscriptions

Top 10 referrers for all days:      2,067      1,623      716      479      287      242      237      168      167      159

Top 10 clicks for all days:  1,054  568      531  483  470  451  375  365  330  320

Now I know that for the most part, stats are pretty boring.  However, I always find mine to be quite interesting.  Actually they’re almost funny!!  For a blog that “specializes” in Christian and educational printables, the way most people find me is through searching “Elizabeth Taylor”.  Mind you, her recent death has really made that number jump up and it does effect the total overall.  The things that are clicked most on my blog….images of classic movie stars.  You’d think it’d be my downloads!!  HAHA  I can say that I find all this interesting.  Well, I actually already said it, but I have to reiterate it!!

I’ve never had a huge following.  The e-mail subscription that WordPress offers, I only have 16 following in that manner.  I believe my Feedburner is about 23 currently and that’s about average….it goes up a little and down a little.  I rarely get comments.  I used to wonder what I was doing wrong.  For quite awhile, I tried to please others and make it what they wanted to read or get something from.  Then I realized that I’d lost part of myself in the process.  I wasn’t having fun and it is my blog.  So now, I blog when I can.  I share what I want and when I want.  No, I’m not popular, but I know my readers are loyal.  I found out that even in the blogosphere, there’s cliques.  I definitely don’t fit in them, but I’ve realized that some of my “friends” do….and that leaves me out drifting alone.  I guess I like it that way though because I only have to make myself happy.  My blog does make me happy.  I’d like to blog more, but I just can’t.  It takes over my life so fast and I refuse to let it.  I look at these blogs where they post once a day, if not more.  I just can’t believe that things in their life don’t go ignored.  Nobody, no matter how talented or how capable of multi-tasking, can post that often and not have it affect their life.  Nope, I’m not that kind of girl!!

So here you have me 3 years after my initial blog post.  Pretty much the same blogger that I’ve always been.  Looking back, my posts haven’t changed much.  Maybe that makes me boring….maybe it makes me stable and reliable.  If I’ve learned anything, it was to keep being myself and that I am!!

To my readers, thanks for staying with me and reading my posts, no matter what I had (or didn’t have) to say!!  I’ll keep sharing my printables, recipes, photos, and stories of life.  To my friends, I’m glad that you use this to stay in touch and keep up with what’s going on with us.  To my family, I’m so blessed to have you and know that you’re there for me no matter what.  You never fail me and always let me know that you’re there and that you care.  So…..

Happy Blogiversary to all of you

and to…..

Commotion from the Ocean of Life!!

UPDATE:  I’ve decided to do a whole kit or packet for my blogiversary.  That means that it won’t be completed until tomorrow.  So please, check back tomorrow for some exclusive freebie printables for my readers!!

2 Responses to Happy Blogiversary!!

  1. Teena in Toronto

    Happy blogoversary 🙂

  2. Shauna

    Happy Anniversary Elaine! I LOVE your blog and I have it bookmarked on my computer so that I can check back often! Thanks for all that you do for so many! I would say your blog is a HUGE success as well as your YGroups. You are one talented and giving person.
    Take care,

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