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Remembering Elizabeth Taylor

Posted by on 27 March 2011

Wednesday I got the sad news that Elizabeth Taylor died.  I was very sad and even had to cry for awhile.  I have finally come to my senses that she is happy now, she’s with her family and friends now up in heaven.  Elizabeth whom I call “Lizzie” was like a friend of mine.

She was my favorite actress and was the most beautiful.  To say I have a favorite film of hers is hard, but I think it is Giant. I like Giant because she plays a superb ranchers wife in racially hard times.  I really can see the chemistry in the movie between her and Rock Hudson.  My 2nd favorite performance from her would probably be Cat on A Hot Tin Roof. She plays Maggie the Cat so well I couldn’t see anyone else play the part. I think she should have won an award for “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”.  In “Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolf” she plays a wonderful part, that really went out of her comfort zone.  Now I know why she won that award.

She has a very sultry look to her.  When I watch Cleopatra or any of her other movies for that fact, she dares you to look away, but it’s impossible.  She put so much work into her movies that you don’t really feel as if she is acting.  She graces around the room like an angel.  I totally believe she should have won more than 2 awards.

What I most respect her for is her compassion for always being there for her children.  There are so many pictures of her with her children.  A lot of people say well “how can she be out with so many guys that she takes care of her children.”  I don’t know, but what from I can tell is that she LOVES her children.  I also love her for her AIDS humanitarian work.  She never gave up without a fight.  She had the courage to stand up for, what some people couldn’t talk about.

About a month ago I started a book called “Elizabeth”. It is a very good book and I recommend this book to anybody who is a fan of Elizabeth.  Anyways, back to it, I’m doing a book report on her.  I thought I should do a book report on her since she is my favorite actress and there is a lot to learn about her.   After all I am a huge fan of her and have over 700 pictures on my computer of her.

Here is my favorite quote from her:  “I don’t entirely approve of the things I’ve done, or am, or have been, but I’m me .  God knows I’m me.”  ~Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth, you are truly loved and God Bless you!!

RIP Lizzie!

You made the world a more beautiful place.

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