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Foto Finish: Pink

Posted by on 26 March 2011

Foto Finish

The theme for this week’s Foto Finish is pink.  Pink of all things!!  HAHA  That’s definitely not my color.  I almost loathe pink.  I didn’t even dress kiddo in pink all the time when she was little.  Having pink as the theme is a definite challenge for me, but having a challenge is good!!

I looked all over my photos for pink and couldn’t really find anything.  Then I thought back to Spring Break at my parents house last week.  Mom had some pretty little flowers along with her daffodils that were blooming.  There was purple, white, and pink.  Of course, I didn’t take many photos of the pink, but I did of the other colors.  Then I remembered this photo I took as the sun was going down hitting the pink flowers.  I just thought that they looked amazing and that it really showed off the vibrant color of them.

Here’s my ONE shot of those pink flowers.  Here’s my  Foto Finish (click to enlarge)….

Do you have any photos of pink??  I bet you do if you dig deep enough.  Whatever you have, just post your photos and click the button above to join in on Foto Finish!!

4 Responses to Foto Finish: Pink

  1. Maree

    What a beautiful photo. Pink isn’t my favourite colour either but I do love pink flowers – just wouldn’t wear it although I do have some bright pink in a multi coloured top I bought a few months ago.

  2. Kate

    Great shot, like the angle that you used. I like pink, I don’t wear much of it though. My Kiddo loathes pink, she refuses to wear it period.

  3. Colleen Yarnell

    I love your pink hyacinths. They are my favorite spring flower. I almost used some pics of the ones in my garden

  4. quiltzyx

    I’m not much into pink either, but I do like pink flowers! You did a great job here – a terrific Foto Finish!

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