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Classic Hollywood’s Lost Violet-Eyed Elizabeth Taylor

Posted by on 23 March 2011

Today, we lost one of the great true beauties of classic Hollywood.  Elizabeth Taylor lost her battle with congestive heart failure early this morning.  She was 79.  It’s being reported that she was surrounded by her family and her friends are in deep mourning.

I promised Miss K that I’d type of up a beautiful memorial for Elizabeth, as she too is mourning.  She feels like she’s lost someone close to her….someone that she knew.  K has been watching Elizabeth Taylor on the screen (our home tv screen) since she was a baby.  It didn’t take long to realize that K was mesmerized by Elizabeth and that she felt a special connection to her.  She’s the first to admit that not every movie Elizabeth did was good.  She’ll also tell you it’s not right that Elizabeth was married so many times.  Yet, she was an icon to Miss K and was considered to be the greatest beauty of classic Hollywood.  K is fascinated with finding photos and movies of Ms. Taylor’s.  She enjoys watching how Elizabeth changed over the years from child star to her status as an older established icon.

Elizabeth Taylor was born Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor on 27 February 1932 in England.  She’s known as Liz to many, but not to her family and friends.  Her first acting role came at the age of 10, but she was dropped.  The following year, MGM picked her up and did Lassie Come Home in 1943.  At the age of 22, she had her busiest year in movies….that was 1954.  Elizabeth was nominated for 5 Academy Awards, but only brought the Oscar home 2 times.

Elizabeth Taylor is probably best known for her marriages.  She was married 8 times, but 2 of those were to Richard Burton.  Her 3rd husband, Michael Todd, died in a plane crash in 1958.  Scandal then hit when she broke up the marriage of Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.  She married Fisher in 1959 and they divorced in 1964.  Liz’s longest marriage was to Richard Burton.  They were married for 10 years, divorced, remarried, and divorced a year later.  They had a turbulent relationship, to say the least….on and off screen.

Ms. Taylor was probably best known for her eyes.  They’re said to be violet in color.  She was petite at only 5’2″, had a fair complexion and dark hair.  Everything about her radiated beauty.  She was curvy and not afraid to flaunt it.  Elizabeth was always frail and often sick.  At one point of a serious illness, she was pronounced dead.  In 1997, she successfully had a brain tumor removed, but was later diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

New Year’s Eve 1999, Queen Elizabeth II made Elizabeth Taylor a Dame.  Julie Andrews became a Dame at the same time.  She was named Dame of the British Empire on the Millennium New Year’s Honours List.  Her Twitter account was @DameElizabeth in honor of her title.

Elizabeth graced the cover of People Magazine 14 times.  Her star on the Hollywood Walk of fame is at 6336 Hollywood Blvd. and she has a street named for her in Iowa City.  She introduced a line of precious stones and gems called “House of Taylor”, which she’s considered an authority on.  She also has a line of perfumes.  Through her long and lustrous life as a Hollywood icon, Liz received several acknowledgment for her work and had much history to be engaged in.

To read more about the death of the film legend, read hereNY Times, here, and at IMDb.  Her biography can also be found at Wikipedia and TCM.  To see what others in Hollywood are saying about Elizabeth, read here.

R.I.P Dame Elizabeth.  You’ll be surely missed by Miss K and this entire family.  You were…..and always will be a symbol of what classic Hollywood was and is.  No matter what life threw at you, you seemed to handle it and move on.  May you rest in peace now and be in the glory of Heaven in the safety of His love.

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