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Foto Finish: Weather

Posted by on 12 March 2011

Foto Finish

This week’s Foto Finish is weather.  I was sort of excited that this was the topic today.  Yet, I didn’t know what in the world I was going to do.  I don’t have any brand new winter weather pictures despite 2 really bad snow storms and freezing weather this year.  I was just plain too cold to go out snapping pictures!!

I decided I’d revert back to one of my older photos.  This was taken a couple years ago when we had a tremendous ice storm.  Everything was coated in ice and was so shiny when the sun hit it.  I loved the effect of the ice on this bush.

Here’s my Foto Finish….

What weather pictures do you have??  Perhaps you have a sunny day or some storm clouds.  Whatever you have weather related, just post your photos and click the button above to join in on Foto Finish!!

3 Responses to Foto Finish: Weather

  1. Kate

    Ice is so pretty in pictures, but I’m not a fan of large quantities of it! Great photo.

  2. quiltzyx

    It’s almost like the ice makes the green greener

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Barbara Stanbro

    Oh, I love this, Elaine! Thanks for sharing.

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