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What’s Up

Posted by on 22 February 2011

I realize that it’s been awhile since I just plain old blogged.  So, I’m taking the opportunity to do that now.  I decided it was time that I got you all caught up on everything that’s going on around here!!

First, the weather has greatly improved since the arctic blast.  In fact a couple days ago, the weatherman said that we were exactly 79 degrees warmer than the same day a week prior.  That’s a huge difference!!  It’s actually started feeling a little bit like spring.  It’s cooled down again, but it’s nice.  I just wish it wasn’t overcast because that makes me gloomy!!

Religious education is in full swing again after a 2 week break because of weather.  It was hard to get the kids focused again last week.  Despite that, they’re like sponges this year.  Although a little hard to work with for crafts and writing, they’re really taking it all in.  Every time I review, at least one (or more) remembers the exact answer.  That’s a great feeling to know that you’re getting through to them.  It’s a big class, but it’s a great class.  It seems that more than ever, they’re really attached to me.  They were so excited to get back and were all hugs after we missed those 2 weather weeks.

Lean Green is almost done with his certification courses.  Oh, and I am done!!  I went to my one class that I missed the first time around.  Now, I’m even qualified to to facilitate a class!!  Anyway, back to The Man.  He has 2 classes left.  He’s really enjoyed them and comes home every Saturday and tells me what he got out of them.  He’ll be at the same level as me when he completes them.  I’m really proud of him and he’s fully embraced this experience.  Also, while we’re on the topic of Lean Green, he shaved the beard off!!  Miss K is thrilled and I’m pretty happy myself.  He’s had facial hair pretty much since he retired.  It was getting very old to me and I think he looked older.  I asked him to shave it and gave him until the end of the month to do it.  He surprised us by doing it last weekend!!  He said that with it warming up, he felt dirty and irritated.  Of course, then it cooled back down and he said his face was cold!!  HAHA

Miss K isn’t very focused on her studies right now.  I think she’s ready for spring too.  She’s doing great, she’s just not focused.  She’s enjoying photography and has come up with some great shots lately.  She’s been a huge help setting up my mom’s store.  She’s taken most of the photos for me.  She’s doing better with chores, but still not like she should.  I know she has a better work ethic than that, just hard to get her to see it!!  Oh the wonderful teenage years!!

I’m looking forward to spring so that we can finish up some much needed work on the house.  All the rooms have been repainted and some for quite awhile.  However, almost all of them still needs the trim painted or touch-up done.  I’ve given up for now on putting the washing machine in the house despite a froze pipe in the garage this winter.  I think I want new kitchen cabinets more.  At least the washing machine works where it is, but my kitchen always seems to be a wreck!!  We’re also putting the tax money, if there is any toward new furniture.  Ours must be about 12 years old and it’s tired….and I’m tired of it!!  I just hope I can find what I want and don’t have to settle.  <SIGH>

Well, I think that about gets you all caught up!!  Really not much at all going on.  I guess I’m boring!!  HAHA  If you like and/or your kids like Dr. Seuss, keep your eyes pealed because I’ll be posting some materials to celebrate his birthday.  That’s next week, and I haven’t decided if I want to post ahead of time or throughout the week up until that day.  Either way, it’s coming!!

See ya’ll on the flipside!!

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