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Foto Finish: Green

Posted by on 12 February 2011

Foto Finish

This week’s Foto Finish is green.  That left me with lots of great possibilities for the photo that I would choose.  Green can be so many things.  It’s definitely not my favorite color, but it one that’s easy to photo graph.  For me, green is warm.  It makes me think warm.  Like spring is coming and summer won’t be far off.  Everything will be full of color!!

So, for me, green is alive.  Green represents the life after the cold.  I’m using green in this aspect with this praying mantis on a sunflower stem.  This is taken right in my backyard and it’s all things warm and alive!!

Here’s my Foto Finish….

What does green represent to you??  How would you define green in a photo??  You can join in Foto Finish by clicking the button above and showing us your green!!

2 Responses to Foto Finish: Green

  1. Barbara Stanbro

    I LOVE this shot! Praying mantises are my favorite bug! Thanks for posting to Foto Finish.

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