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Valentine’s Day Learning Fun

Posted by on 11 February 2011

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so I thought I had better get my Valentine’s Day printables posted for you!!  I’ve created several items, and if you watch this post over the weekend, you’ll see updates for more games uploaded.  Everything that I’m sharing is for Valentine’s Day.

The first item is A Time for Love 3-part puzzle cards.  These cards have an analog clock, digital time, and the time in words.  The puzzle pieces are matched up.  Next is Have a Heart Mirror Cards.  I’m so happy with the way these turned out.  All the images are hearts that the kids look at in the mirror to enforce symmetry.  There’s also A Heart of Many Colors 2-part cards.  For these, they kids match up the color hearts with the color words.

You will also find Sweetness & Love Alphabet Clothespin Cards.  Use a clothespin, dry erase marker, paper clip, or other such item to match the upper case letter to the lower letter that’s shown.  These use adorable sweetheart cupcakes for graphics!!  I’ve also included an older creation of mine.  It’s Valentine Stamp Pattern worksheets.  They will finish the pattern that is started.  The patterning goes from simple to a bit more complex.

Finally, there’s an exclusive for my blog readers!!  It’s called Count on Love and it’s a 0-20 flipbook.  They will match the numeral, number of roses, and number word.  Anything else that I post this weekend, will also be reader exclusives, so stay tuned!!

If you’re interested in any of these printable games and worksheets, just click the button below….

If you use my printables, please leave a comment and let me know if you liked it or if the kids enjoyed the activity. I can only create from the input that I get from those that use it most often!! Also, If you enjoy my blog, posts, or printables that I share, please click one (or all) of the buttons below or in the right hand column under “Rate My Blog”. Thanks!!

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UPDATE 1: My first update is ready!!  The newest item that I’ve created to share is The Shapes of Love.  These are 2-part cards where the shape is on the top card and is matched to the shape word on the lower part of the card.  These feature a cute peck on the cheeks graphics and you can find them by clicking on the download button above!!

UPDATE 2: I’ve added a new file for you to download for Valentine’s Day.  This one is all about money!!  These 2-part cards are The Price of Being Love Birds and use 4 coins to make amounts found on the Valentine’s Day gifts.  There’s adorable love birds that accompany the coins and a variety of gifts….that obviously aren’t the correct prices, but work for the concept of the game!!  HAHA  Anyway, you can find them by clicking the download button above.

UPDATE 3: Something new has been added exclusively for my readers!!  This one is Have A Heart 0-20 Clothespin Cards.  This is used by counting the hearts on the card, then marking the amount that there is.  One could use a clothespin, dry erase marker (if laminated), paperclip, or other such item to mark the correct number.  I’m not sure if this is the last one or not.  I do have another idea, but it’s a matter of getting it out of my head and completed BEFORE it’s too late!!  HAHA


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