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The Champions: Green Bay Packers

Posted by on 6 February 2011

We won!!  The Green Bay Packers are the NFL Super Bowl XLV winners and champions!!

I knew they could do it and I never once gave up on them.  Even when things looked bleak in the 3rd quarter, I believed in them.  At that point, even if they’d lost, I knew they gave it their best.  All I kept asking for was a good clean and fair game.  I think we pretty much go that.

The Lombardi Trophy is coming home… Titletown USA!!  It’s been a long time coming and it’s deserved.  The Packers came up from being the 6th seed team and played every playoff game on the road.  They won every one of those games against the odds and proved that they were championship material.  All that was left to do was to win the trophy and bring it back home to where it belonged.  They did it in style and with grace.  No matter how things looked, Green Bay persevered, just like they always do.

Aaron Rodgers justly won the MVP of the game.  His team loves him…..and the fans love him.  He’s no longer living in the shadow of a traitor.  He proved who he was and what he can do.  He brought a team together and they rallied!!  The Packers are the second youngest team in the NFL.  That means that we very well could be seeing more of them in championship situations.  They’ve come so far and they so much further that they can go together.

After all the smack-talking is done, the better….no, the best team won!!  Even the Steelers fans really can’t debate that we won the game because we topped them.  Big Ben was pretty much stopped.  Pittsburgh was pretty much held no matter what they did.  We scored first….and last!!  Even when it looked like the Steelers would come back, the Packers rose to the occasion.  I’ve never liked the slamming of other teams and I’m so proud to be a Packer Backer.  Through history, we’ve proved to be the classiest team.  It doesn’t matter if it’s players or fans.  I never understood the “thrill” of calling us cheeseheads.  Haven’t they ever noticed that we fans (and players) wear them with pride??  HAHA

You just can’t keep a good team….or their fans down.  Before the game, we printed out some of the games that I made and my score sheet.  Of course, since we’re true fans, we’ll use the games for more than just today.  They’ll be part of our fond memories for this season….and wishes for future seasons.  Did you use any of my printable games??  Here’s how our score sheet looked at the end of the game…..

We really had fun with this.  Just added another aspect to the big game.  We had so much fun.  We ordered pizza from Papa John’s that took 90 minutes to arrive.  Kiddo and I yelled so loud that they had to hear us down the road.  It was a blast!!  The house was definitely alive, even if it was just the 3 of us.  So what did you do today….did you watch Super Bowl XLV??  How’d you celebrate the win….or loss??  What did you think about those poor fans that were told their seats were unsafe and had to go outside??  I think even with a triple refund, I’d want that cash in my hand NOW!!  And what about the commercials or the half time show??  I thought the commercials were close to ordinary.  Halftime show….well, it sucked!!  Let me know how your Super Bowl Sunday was.  I’m sure you can tell how ours was!!

The Packers RULE!!  Green Bay…..Super Bowl XLV Champions!!  The Lombardi Trophy is heading home to Titletown USA in Green Bay, WI!!  GGOOOO PACKERS!!  We love you….always!!  Green and Gold forever!!

Congrats to the Green Bay Packers….you guys are the BEST!!

3 Responses to The Champions: Green Bay Packers

  1. will wilcox

    ……Like quarterback says they basically have won five consecutive elimination games when you count their final two regular-season wins they needed to qualify for the playoffs. What pressure?…The best thing about all our young players is that they dont know how young they are and they dont play like guys without a lot of experience Thompson told me after the Packers won the NFC title with a 21-14 victory Sunday at Chicago….Yes nothing seems to faze this Kiddies Korps. The Packers have only two players on the 53-man roster who ever played in a Super Bowl defensive lineman with the Rams in 2002 and with the Raiders in 2003 and they both are returning hoping to win this time around….Woodson incidentally is Thompsons lone major signee in unrestricted free agency.

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