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Foto Finish: Kodachrome

Posted by on 22 January 2011


Foto Finish

This week’s Foto Finish is kodachrome.  That means that it’s all about color today!!  I chose one of my photos that I took over summer.  I had some good photos of flowers and bugs, but this one is a combination of both.  It fit the need well having plenty of vibrant color.  I like the deep pink/magenta flowers and the orange of the butterfly.

Now that I’ve explained my choice, you can look and decide for yourself!!  Here’s my Foto Finish….

Do you have anything for Foto Finish:  kodachrome??  If so, or if you’d like to see more Foto Finish, click the button above!!

3 Responses to Foto Finish: Kodachrome

  1. Kate

    Great photograph! The pink and orange are pretty, the sea of green in the backgraound really makes both pop. Butterflies and flowers seem to be popular Kodachrome subjects.

  2. Barbara Stanbro

    Beautiful shot, Elaine. Thanks for posting to Foto finish.

  3. piotr gorajewski

    nice photo

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