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Arctic Blast

Posted by on 11 January 2011

As with most of the U.S. we’ve been hit by an arctic blast.  Yesterday was COLD and today at it’s warmest was going to be 32 degrees.  That means not even over freezing!!  I must say that we’ve had it alright though.  I’m not going to complain at all!!  Sunday, my parents had lots of snow.  On Monday, when our first female governor was sworn in on the capital steps, the snow was falling.  We’re running the water at night with temps in the teens and single digits, but the insulation in the attic has already paid for itself!!

To go along with this arctic blast that we’re having, I wanted to share some printables.  It’s also a popular theme in schools right now.  Hopefully these few offerings will help out a little and I’m still wanting to make more!!

I have a few card games for those of you snowed in or just studying arctic/polar themes right now.  The first item is some Arctic Animals Pattern Match.  These are 2-part cards working on patterning skills.  The patterning on the arctic animal is matched to the patterning on it’s iceberg.  If you’re interested in this….

I also made 2 sets of memory match cards.  Both sets of these cards are matching pattern/texture.  The first one is Arctic Pattern Match where the pattern/texture of the Eskimo is matched to the pattern/texture of the igloo they live in.  The second one is Penguin & Iceberg Memory Match.  I was asked to make a set that was a “harder” than the first set to match, so I came up with these.  The pattern/texture in the tummy of the penguin is matched to the iceberg it lives on.  The tough part is, all the patterns/textures are snowflakes!!  If you’re interested in either set or both sets of these memory match cards….

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