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The Nativity Around the House: Day 2

Posted by on 18 December 2010

I have something fun to share with you today, along with nativity that I’m displaying for 2010 Nativity Parade.  This is a fun “modern” nativity that was shared with me today and I just had to re-share it.  It brought an instant smile to my face…..and as you all know, I’m not fond of cell phones!!  Sit back and watch the “modern” nativity…..

Now for one of my nativities that’s on display in my house this year.  This is actually one that is newly acquired…!!  My 3 goddaughters came over today and I printed this out and they each colored and decorated their own.  I didn’t leave my daughter out though (of course), she was right by their side!!

So, my nativity for today is…..

Nativity Craft by Miss K

Miss K and I really worked on this together today.  It’s mainly her project though, and I think she did a great job.  Her medium of choice today was colored pencils.  I added glitter to the 3 gifts, Mary, baby Jesus, the stars, and backdrop.  The backdrop didn’t quite turn out the way I expected, but I think it’s because the glue was too old and thick.  Once I changed to a new bottle for the rest of the project, it worked fine.

My 3 goddaughters are here today and also did this nativity craft project.  I had all 3 of them at the table coloring, cutting and gluing!!  It took most of the day, but they had a good time and their nativities turned out great.  You can see their slide show here.  They’ll be taking them home when they leave and hopefully mom will treasure them as much as I did my time with them and having some crafty holiday fun!!

As for the nativity craft itself, I got it off a web site.  You can also get a “Make Your Own Nativity Scene” to do with your kids or holiday guests.  I highly recommend printing it on cardstock.  I did kiddo’s on cardstock and the 3 girls on paper.  Theirs turned out well, but K’s is much firmer and balanced.  Also, before you glue the pieces together, pre-form the pieces.  Then, use a paint brush to brush the glue on and get it tacky, after which you can glue them together.

One final picture of our finished nativity scene….

Nativity Craft by Miss K

Merry CHRISTmas,

3 Responses to The Nativity Around the House: Day 2

  1. Shauna

    I love this idea and I can’t wait to let my daughters make their own nativity. They love to play with my glass one, which always makes me a little nervous, so a paper nativity is just perfect! Take care!

  2. Asterio

    Thank you very mucha fantastic blog long time looking for. been my salvation for my page.

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