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Daily Archives: 17 December 2010

The Nativity Around the House: Day 1

I saw this great post called 2010 Nativity Parade at Crap I’ve Made and instantly knew that was the “parade” for me!!  The nativity is probably my favorite part of Christmas.  I don’t know if it was my mom or dad that gave me the love that I have for the nativity, but I love to use it to decorate my house.  I decided to participate in this “parade” and show off a portion, of my nativity collections.  YES, I did say a portion!!  From now until Christmas Eve, I’ll post a nativity that’s around my house each day.  I’ll still have enough left to do this again next year!!  HAHA  Some of the nativities that I have are kept up year round.

So without further ado, today’s featured nativity…..

We call this our “nativity tree”.  Miss K and I made this on Lean Green’s last tour to Iraq.  I don’t like to go up in the attic where the Christmas stuff is stored, but I do when forced.  This particular time, I couldn’t find all our decorations, tree, and so on.  I suggested to my little girl that we make our own and make it special.  She was all for it!!  I got the pre-lit tree at Lowe’s and the clay pot at Hobby Lobby.  I probably got all the decorations there too.  The nativity scene are all miniture (tree) decorations.  K helped me to paint the pot.  We let it sit over night to dry good.  I then hot glued the garland around the rim and K decided where the berries and bells went.  Hindsight is 20/20, but looking at it now, I probably should have painted the rim a sandy tan color and the night sky is midnight blue and filled with glitter stars.  The top, which is actually the base, is crowned with the North Star and an angel.  The nativity scene goes all the way around the pot.  It was Miss K’s idea to split up the wisemen because she thought it was too “cluttered”!!  After that sat over night to dry and harden, I inserted a huge piece of craft foam inside the pot and hot glued it.  I then inserted the tree (stem) into the hole at the top (which should be the base of the pot).  Oh, and more hot glue all over the “stem” as I inserted it.  It’s held up all these years and is no worse for the wear!!

You can see a slideshow of the view all the way around the pot.

So there’s our “nativity tree”.  I don’t put it up every year.  I thought it was important to go up this year because K informed me that the year we made this was her “best Christmas ever”.  That makes me so happy and proud, because I did it on my own and she’s never forgotten it.  It was a special year, despite hubby being gone.  We made the best of the situation, and had the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!

Merry CHRISTmas,

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