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Posted by on 15 December 2010


Hello all of you out there reading this!!  It’s been so long since I just blogged, that I thought I’d get you caught up on a few things going on around our household.

With the holidays fast approaching, things have been pretty hectic, just like they are with most people.  Last week, I had something to do literally every day.  There was appointments and hubby’s work Christmas party.  It was pretty fun, but cold as heck in the building.  We played a fun game at the party where you toss a wrapped box around the table and the person holding the box when the music stops has to sit down.  We played for 2 bottles of local wine and the centerpiece.  I got the centerpiece!!

Over the weekend, my 3 goddaughters were here.  Of course, I love my time with them, but it’s crazy!!  They never stop moving and they’re always hungry.  They really are good girls though and they love it here as much as we love them.  I did find out though that mom requested that I watch them this coming Saturday so that she can do her Christmas shopping.  I balked, but knew that she really needed me.  I’m having a hard enough time shopping for one, much less the 3 she’s got to shop for!!

Lean Green and Miss K both had the sniffles for 2 days last week.  I told them they better not get me sick.  Then the goddaughters show up and have the sniffles and coughs.  The next day in the afternoon, Sunday, I felt like I got hit by a mach truck.  My nose was running and I was sneezing like crazy.  Monday I took it easy and napped.  Today, I’m already feeling much better, thank goodness!!  On the downside, now kiddo is getting sick.  She has a sore throat and has the chills.  I’m going to give her the day off tomorrow to rest and try to beat this thing so that she doesn’t get bad sick.

Being so busy and then getting sick as slowed my creative process.  I don’t think I’ll fully get back in the swing until after the New Year.  After all, it’s mid-year, so I’ll have to get the rest of the lesson plan ready for the homeschool year.  I have to take a good look at her grades and make sure K is where she needs to be.  I’m sure she is, but I’m not happy unless I check and re-check!!

No, I’m not done shopping this year.  No, I don’t have my Christmas cards wrote out.  That’s just been the way it IS since around Thanksgiving.  We’re planning a small Christmas and well, not being ready is one way to do it!!  I haven’t even receive any Christmas cards though, so they just might be saving me some money.  HAHA

Alright, that’s the way things stand around here!!  We had our Christmas party in religion class tonight.  The kids were great and there was plenty of food.  One of the parents made goody bags, which were a huge hit.  The Christmas gifts that we got for the kids were an even bigger success!!  They just loved them and were so excited.  It’s amazing how happy you can make a kid by spending around $1.50-$2.00 on them!!

You all take care and I’ll post some more printables as I have time to create!!  If you don’t mind and if you have a little time on your hands, I’d appreciate it if you’d vote/rate my blog.  You can find the buttons over in the right hand column under “rate my blog”.  Thanks!!

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