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Foto Finish: Trees

Posted by on 10 December 2010

Foto Finish

Yes, this is a day early, but I know that I’ll be busy tomorrow and I’m afraid that I’ll forget to do it.  I’ve already missed a couple weeks again!!

This week’s Foto Finish is trees.  My submission is a fir tree in our neighbors backyard.  When we fill the bird feeders, the tree just swarms with birds.  Sometimes there is so many, that you can barely see the tree!!  This time though, my shot is from the upper level and there’s plenty of green, but still several pretty birds.

Here’s my Foto Finish….

I can’t quite tell if that’s a dove or pigeon that’s top center in the photo.  If you know, leave a comment because I’d love to know!!

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One Response to Foto Finish: Trees

  1. Barbara

    Hi Elaine–I’m so glad you posted to Foto Finish. We feed the birds too, and I always love seeing them. The big one in the middle is a Mourning Dove. You may hear their call, which is a soft Wooooo oooooo ooooo. They almost sound like owls, but not quite. We get those at our feeder. Great shot.

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