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Half Dozen Christian Games

Posted by on 23 November 2010

Today, I’m offering a half dozen religious games.  I don’t think any of these have previously been shared on my blog because I’ve just uploaded them all to my 4Shared account.  I hope that you find something that you need and can use!!

1.  Peter is Freed is for all ages.  Players collect 4 pieces of the angel puzzle as they answer questions about Peter.

2.  The Early Years from the Life of Jesus can be adapted for any age.  This is strictly about Jesus’ younger years before he started spreading the word.

3.  John the Baptist on the Jordan River Renewed the Crowds comes in a game board for 2 age groups.  The older kids version has the players answering questions about John the Baptist.  The younger kids version is played like Candy Land.

4.  Jesus Calms the Storm is a game where players collect tokens to win while answering questions about this miracle.  Can be adapted for any age.

5.  Down Through the Roof is a game about this miracle performed by Jesus and can be adapted.

6.  Jesus Loves All the Little Children should be printed on legal size paper.  Players move around the board with a beautiful scene of Jesus and the children and collect heart tokens.

As a bonus, I’ve also uploaded a game created by my daughter, Miss K.  This game is perfect for Christmas, as it’s called Oh Holy Night and has a beautiful picture of Mary and baby Jesus.  Players move around the board and collect, or lose, pieces of the nativity scene.  The fist player to complete the nativity is the winner!!

Again, I hope that there’s something in that list that you all can use.  I got my start in Christian games and I still love it.  It’s just so hard for me to come up with new ideas.  Not to mention, clipart and graphics for religious games are hard to come by….and not cost a fortune!!  If you have a special request for a game, just leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

If you use my Christian game, please leave a comment or rate my blog.  I appreciate any and all input into my blog and my creations.

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