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A Day of Winners

Posted by on 21 November 2010

Today was a winning day in sports!!  I just couldn’t have asked for a better day to spend the afternoon watching a little afternoon sports action on tv.

At least one person held up a trophy today and that was JIMMIE JOHNSON!!  He won the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship.  He’s won it 4 other times previously.  Four times in a row, in fact!!  This one was by far the best though.  People have bad-mouthed him since his first win.  They say that he doesn’t deserve it, he cheats, he’s boring, and various other things.  Some things said about him aren’t nice at all.

I don’t understand that.  I’m not his fan by any means.  My dad is!!  But I recognize a good driver when I see one and the man is just THAT GOOD.  He’s a nice guy and races fair and clean.  Many can’t say that.  I was totally rooting for him to win today because Denny Hamlin’s just not the nice guy that Jimmie is.  He’ll do what he has to do to win and that even means taking the other guy out.  Now sure, rubbing is racing, but that whole Gibbs racing team takes it too far.  Not to mention, they’re poor sports!!  You’ve never seen Jimmie whine the way they do or slam things down and pout.  Just not good behavior.  So yes, I was all about JJ winning today!!

From there, we move onto football.  My Packers won!!  They beat the Minnesota Vikings.  Oh so sweet!!  I just love seeing Farve be put in his place.  He sucks for leaving the Pack and is getting what he deserves.  He’s a traitor, but I’m glad they have him now and not us.

We didn’t just win, we blew them away!!  It was 31-3.  That means that we’ve beaten them both times we played them this season.  Also, we didn’t just win at home, we won at their home!!  That’s even better.  I can only see the Vikings going downhill even more from here.  Brett even had a tantrum on the sidelines and refused to talk to his offensive coach.

Now all Green Bay has to do is finish off the season on this path.  What an awesome game!!  I’m just relishing all the great wins today.  Oh, I should mention that Jimmie winning the championship today makes 5 strait!!  That’s unheard of in NASCAR.  Others have as many championships, but not consecutive.  Yes indeed, a great sports day it was!!

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