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So Behind Sharing

Posted by on 15 November 2010

I know it’s been forever since I shared printables. Well not really that long because I do Letter of the Week, but that’s about all I’ve had time for lately!!

I’m going to post lots of new items that I’ve created and uploaded, however, this list won’t be complete.  If you want more, you’re going to have to search around the files for yourself!!  Sound fun!?!?  There’s going to be a little bit of everything in these printables, so I hope that you find something that you need and can use.   Alright, so here we go with some newly posted printables….

1.  Rhyme Flipbook for word families “an”, “at”, “ig”, and “ug”.  This is sort of a flipbook where you add a letter to the base word family and then match a picture.  I don’t have pictures for every word that can be formed, but I did leave blank pages so that you can add some by gluing them to the blank card.  You may NOT alter this file in any other way!! I plan on making more of these for other word families as time permits, so check back to this folder!!

2.  Barnyard Doubles has been totally updated.  This game focuses on double consonants and vowels.

3.  Autumn calendar set.  This is complete with years to 2015.  It also includes special calendar date options and yesterday, today, and tomorrow day spaces.

4.  Chocolate Match where players form words that start or end with “ch”.  Every word has the “ch” included so that more than 1 may play the game at a time….just print out the number of mats needed.

5.  Teddy’s Catch Divided by 9 is a game that works on division of 9 using an adorable fishing teddy bear!!

6.  Shape and Color letter tile mats.  The color one uses lots of paint splats and the shape one also includes some 3D shapes.  I plan on making one for numbers as well, so watch for that!!

7.  My Favorite Pets calendar set includes everything stated above in the autumn set.

8.  Number Bingo from 1-10 with an autumn and winter themes.  These will help with number recognition.  I’ll be making more of these for words and higher numbers as well.

9.  The Five Kingdoms is a science sorting game for older kids.  They’ll sort images into the 5 kingdoms.

10.  State of the Matter is a sorting activity for players to sort materials by the 3 states of matter.

That’s it for now!!  There is more new stuff and printables that have been updated.  You’ll just have to browse around and see if you can find it.

Also, for those that are looking for my Christian materials, I plan on doing a post for those later this week.  I have created a couple new things and also updated some and uploaded those.  Hopefully it’ll be worth waiting for!!

If you use my printables or enjoy seeing what I create posted, please rate my blog at one or BOTH of the sites listed below.  I truly appreciate your support and it just lets me know that you use and need the materials that I create.


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  1. Rosemary

    This is such a sweet idea – what a nice share!

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