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Foto Finish: Leaves

Posted by on 13 November 2010

Foto Finish

Although I’ve tried to join in several times, this is my first Foto Finish!!  Its seems like things keep coming up or I just miss it.  I know one time, I was going to do it, but just never got photos of the subject.  This week’s subject is leaves!!

Around here, our leaves really don’t change much.  They usually go from green to brown in a hurry.  This was a challenge for me, but I got a couple that I thought were pretty good.  These were all taken as the sun was going down a couple nights ago.  I tried with/without flash and a couple other settings.  Liked the dark backgrounds the best.  Enjoy!!





Foto Finish is held each Saturday.  The previous week, the creator tells you what the topic is so that you can take photos all week to post on Saturday.  If you’re interested in participating in Foto Finish, click the Foto Finish button at the top of the post.


3 Responses to Foto Finish: Leaves

  1. Ali

    Great shots,,,keep camera shooooooting

  2. Barbara

    I love these! Thanks, Elaine, for participating and for blogging about Foto Finish. Next week’s theme is “creepy crawly.” I hope to see you there again!

  3. billie

    Thank you for sharing to us.

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