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Letter of the Week: Mm

Posted by on 7 September 2010

I’m starting a new “feature” on my blog called Letter of the Week.  During the school year, my printable themes group does a letter each week as part of our theme.  Since doing this, I’ve found that educators are always looking for new ideas for teaching the alphabet.  With this post, I plan to share things that I make letters of the alphabet.  The letters will be random and I’ll try to keep things somewhat uniform with the posts.

To start things off, we have the letter Mm.  I tried to think of common things most kids would know and could identify with that start with the letter m.  I decided to go with monkey and mouse!!

The first printable that I have to offer for letter m is a book.  Included in the book are a mouse, a monkey, a monster, and more!!  I also made some writing practice sheets which focus on our cute monkey and a mouse.  Next is a set of mats that also feature a monkey and a mouse.  These mats could be used for Play-Doh or a number of other activities and include the letter and an activity to do with them.  You can find all these items here.  I also made all of these printables in ABC Print and ABC DN Manuscript font for those that teach with either method.

If you have an suggestions for activities to do with my Letter of the Week, please leave me a comment and let me know.  I’d be happy to make anything that will help in the teaching of our alphabet!!

**UPDATE** I’m stressing a bit about religious education starting this week.  Only natural for me because I like things to be “just right” when the kiddos get there.  Anyway, the perfect way for me to relax is to create something….and I did just that.  To add to the Letter of the Week, I’ve made some letter tile mats for the letter m.  Paper letter tiles could be printed out (I’ll be making those at a later time), Scrabble tiles, Upwards tiles, or a variety of other objects could be used to spell the objects out on the tile mats.  If they’re laminated, a dry erase marker could also be used to fill in the letters.

If you use my printables, PLEASE comment and let me know that you’re using them, how they work for you, a link to your blog for photos of them being used, and so on!!  I can’t keep creating if I don’t know they’re being used or work!!

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