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Macro Monday: Fungi

Posted by on 6 September 2010

For today’s Macro Monday, I’ve chosen a fungi (mushroom) that was growing in a potted tomato plant in my mom’s greenhouse.  I loved the color and texture of it.  You can see it growing right along with the tomato plant….

And you can see the soft, yet rippled texture of the mushroom cap…..

And finally, you can see a new cap emerging from the ground at the base of the large fungi and the tomato plant and it even has a water drop on it….

I’m always fascinated by things like this.  It’s amazing how they just grow where you least expect them to.  Mom removed the mushroom right after I took my photos.  She didn’t want it to interfere with the growing of her tomato plant.  Still, such interesting things one can find under the roof of a green house!!

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13 Responses to Macro Monday: Fungi

  1. Joanne Olivieri

    So beautifully detailed. Nice shots

  2. sue

    Hi ya
    fabulous shot, lovely detail & texture, sue,x

  3. maaike

    great shot!
    I always look for th one with a red had with white dots
    they are my favorite

  4. Birgitta

    Nice shots with great details!

  5. Maia

    Nice macro shot of this tiny mushroom, great details.

  6. Evelyn

    Amazing details on the fungi.

    I often find little mushrooms in my pots especially when it gets too wet… And like your Mom, I remove them as quickly as possible.

  7. bettyl

    Isn’t that just adorable! I find the ‘unwanted’ growing things quite interesting, too.

  8. Hootin' Anni

    That is amazing…especially the 2nd one with so much detailing.

    My Macro Monday

    Have a glorious day.

  9. Slugyard

    Very interesting mushrooms. I wonder what they are?

  10. self sagacity

    I like the texture of the mushroom too. It looks very feminine and soft.

  11. Siobhan

    Great the baby one!! The clarity is remarkable!

  12. Dances Of Dreams

    What a wonderful and interesting fungi! Great shots..

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