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Macro Monday: Fuzzy Weed

Posted by on 23 August 2010

I don’t know why, but the weed that I picked for today’s Macro Monday is one of my favorites to shoot.  It’s just a WEED!!  I love the texture of it though.  It’s not really a “burr” type weed, although it looks like it is.  I’ve touched it many times though and it doesn’t have prickers as it may seem.

I also love taking photos of it from different angles.  Even more, taking photos from the exact same angle but focusing on different areas of the fuzzy weed.  I love the contrast I can get between the sharp focus areas and the blurred out-of-focus areas.  I think it’s a fun effect with this weed.

So that’s my fuzzy weed for this week’s Macro Monday.  For more Macro Monday photos, click the meme button at the top of this post and visit many other great macros and blogs!!

23 Responses to Macro Monday: Fuzzy Weed

  1. Annelie

    Lovely pictures, and I love your blogdesign! Beautiful!

  2. Evelyn

    Hi Elaine
    I love your fuzzy weed. Nice macro.

  3. justine Gordon

    THis is a great shot and what a fab blog!

  4. Christina, Sweden

    many weeds look so nice that I wonder – should they really be called weeds…? Great photo and thanks for commenting on mine

  5. jabblog uk

    Yesterday as I was gardening I thought about weeds – I ‘ve decided to call them all ‘wild flowers’ in future 😉

  6. BJ Roan

    It’s a very nice fuzzy weed. 😉

  7. Slugyard

    Very interesting- any idea what it is?

  8. charmaine

    I love it!!!! Beautiful shots….even if it is a week!

  9. Rosie

    I like it too Elaine – it looks a bit like a cleaver but I think they stick to your clothes if you rub against them.

  10. Kala

    Nice depth of field in these images. Well done.

  11. Tammie

    fun seed photos.

  12. Sarah Halstead

    Simple yet beautiful. Great shot.

    • Tammy McChesney

      Love the star shape of this blossom…simplicity at it’s best!

  13. NatureFootstep

    Some things are just lovely. Even if it is just a weed. 🙂 Love your wave!

  14. Lisa's Chaos

    It is really fun! Looks like they would stick to you, amazing that they don’t.

  15. Gattina

    It looks beautiful ! I noticed that especially ugly things become beautiful in a macro shot.

  16. Janneke

    Beautiful shot

  17. Dances Of Dreams

    Gorgeous macro of these little fuzzy buds!

  18. Blessing Reflections tiny and fuzzy! Wonderful capture!

  19. Camilla "Lillagul"

    Lovely shots on the “fuzzy” weed !

  20. michael

    Great photo. The burrs on the seeds look like they would catch in your socks.

  21. Dawn's Diversions

    Truly great shots! That blurred effect is called “Bokeh” pronounced bo-ka. =) I learned that in my photography classes.

  22. Tammy McChesney

    They look so soft and pretty!

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