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Daily Archives: 20 August 2010

Fresh New Blog Look

I finally took the plunge today and changed the theme of my blog.  This was such a huge step for me because I felt safe and secure in the old format.  I started feeling crowded and bored by it though.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to change or not because if I did, I could NEVER go back.  WordPress discontinues themes after a certain amount of time.  I don’t know if they remove them when they’re no longer popular, after a year, or if they have some other standard.  I just know that the one I had isn’t available any more!!

My new one is called “Bueno” and comes by default with a pink scheme.  Now anyone that knows me, knows that I’m NOT all about pink!!  Here’s what the screen shot of it looks like in the default format…..

Now granted if you’re into pink, it’s the cutest little pink polka dot thing there is!!  HAHA  But that’s what attracted me most to my new theme.  I get to make it all about ME!!  I can set the background, the header image, more widgets than before and in more location, and a few other things that I can change.  There’s also more room!!  My column is wider, especially the right one.  So far though, I find that to be the only fault….the writing is too light.  I’m sure someplace there’s a setting for me to adjust that.

So what do you think of my new theme??  I just had to go for a nice bold background and a found a new brighter header image.  I’m probably going to be changing everything I can for the seasons, holidays, special events, and just because I can!!  Let me know what you think of it by voting in the poll at the top of the right column.  I can’t wait to see the results!!

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