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Lesson Plans

Posted by on 12 August 2010


What does busy look like??


ME….this week!!

Even though Miss K is away this week, I’ve been very busy.  I’ve spent every day this week doing lesson plans for this homeschool year.  Did I mention that we start school on Monday??  Yes, well we do!!  No, I’m not really waiting until the last minute.  I work better while the Miss is gone and I get to lay all the books out and go over everything page by page.  The house is quiet, so it’s just me and the lesson plan book.

This year though, we begin to prepare for high school  You might ask why now, she’s only going into 7th grade.  The answer to that is that in OK we start to prepare in 7th grade.  There’s a program here that gives kids money for college and they apply starting in the 8th grade.  That means that everything needs to be lined up and ready to go.  Not only that, but I have a child who’s very intent on going to college one way or the other.  I want to give her every opportunity to do just that.  I know alot of parents aren’t worried about it, but we are.  Homeschool regulations in OK are fantastic and it’s so easy to homeschool here.  That doesn’t mean your child is getting into college without taking the required courses or getting the good grades.  Therefore, I printed off a couple preparation forms that begin at 7th grade so that I can track her classes and have an outline of where she needs to go.  Much to my surprise, we’re on the right track and have many of the classes covered.

Ah yes, busy time, but good times.  We’re definitely ready to head back to the classroom.  It’s going to be a great year!!  For now and until we’re actually back in the classroom, I’ll continue to pull my hair out just a little each day!!

Are you ready for back to school, whether it’s homeschool or public/private school??

5 Responses to Lesson Plans

  1. Amazing_Grace

    Our neighbor’s kid took classes at the junior college during their senior year in high school that counted for high school credit and college.

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