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Calendar Sets

Posted by on 23 July 2010

On occasion, I make a calendar set either for the group or to match a theme.  My calendar sets include days of the week, numbers, months, and years.  Right now, my years are from 2010 – 2015.  This week I had a little spare time, so as members requested something, I’d make them a calendar set to go with their request.  I decided to upload them to 4Shared so that I could share with my readers that can use them.  These calendar sets are best used in pocket charts, but they could be used other ways.  That said, here’s some calendar sets to browse for your usage…..

My first set is pretty mermaids by Angela Wenke.  I love her graphics and you can find her resale graphics (graphics to sell) at Resale Clipart, along with many other stores to buy her graphics from to use in your projects.  Next, you can find a construction calendar set here.  Along with those 2 new sets, I’ll be adding more today and tomorrow, so I’ll update as they’re uploaded.  In the meantime, there’s some other sets that I’ve previously made.  There’s a set for a circus theme.  Then there’s some fun characters like the Sesame Street gang and a Dr. Seuss set.  For the Disney fans, you can find a set for Cinderella and the Disney Princesses all dressed in gold!!

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  1. Anonymous

    But in order to synchronize the calendar with the sun, Caesar had to let the previous year drag on for 445 days.

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