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Daily Archives: 15 July 2010

Substitute for Red Wine in Cooking

Today was movie day, so like most movie days, I made dinner in the crock pot.  The recipe for today left me a little stumped and I knew that we were having this meal one way or the other.  I was going to make beef bourguignon which calls for red wine.  We typically don’t have wine in the house, so I knew that I had to find some sort of substitute.

I decided to do some research online like I usually do when I need information.  I searched for red wine substitutes.  Over and over again, grape juice came up.  The next thing that came up often was stock…..beef, chicken, or vegetable.  To me, none of those was going to work.  I just didn’t feel that they’d give me the taste that I needed.  As for the grape juice, we just don’t have any in the house.  I can’t drink it with my diabetes and the family doesn’t like it much.  They’re more orange juice types!!

Anyway, I decided to make my own substitution.  I put in grape jelly!!  Yes, that’s what I used.  I used just over half a cup and then put in a squirt of lemon juice and a splash of vinegar.  The vinegar would tenderize the meat enough on it’s own, but I wanted something with a tab bit of sour, so I used the lemon juice.  The vinegar was to balance out the sweetness of the grape jelly.  Most wines after all, aren’t sweet and they’re fermented grapes.

I have to tell you, it tasted great!!  I’m thrilled with the way it turned out and the recipe will be posted tomorrow.  So just remember the next time you need some red wine…..try grape jelly!!

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